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Tahu Goreng

by The Clef Cafe


4.28 (5)

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20 October 2020
A healthier version of tahu goreng, so there was a lot less sauce than usual.

The sprouts were fresh, and the tofu was super crispy without being oily! #veganisnotscary

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29 August 2021
All good with this side dish.

Generous portion. 👍🏻

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11 April 2021
A side that is very easy to eat, topped with shredded cucumbers and carrots and

chopped nuts. Good enough to have it by itself!

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24 July 2020
Rojak sauce complements tofu very well, delightful side that can be had on its own!

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3 August 2020
The fried beancurd was topped with a nutty rojak sauce and shredded vegetables.

Tasty, high in protein, and pretty substantial for a side!

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