Dolsot Bibimbap (Stone Pot Mixed Rice)

  • Is Dolsot Bibimbap (Stone Pot Mixed Rice) vegan? Yes! Dolsot Bibimbap (Stone Pot Mixed Rice) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Scorched rice is definitely here to please with our very own gochujang. Choice of non-spicy flavor available for kids (soy sauce / cheese). Cabbage, red cabbage, beansprout, mushrooms, spinach, carrot.

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Most helpful reviews

Came sizzling hot with slightly scorched rice at the bottom of the stone pot! Served

with housemade gochujang sauce, mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, beansprouts, carrot, purpose cabbage, white cabbage, and seaweed. Seemed simple and unassuming since it literally consisted of rice and vegetables, but mixed together it was very tasty. Would have liked a bit of tofu but I suppose you can order the pan-fried tofu as an la carte dish haha. (Allium-free, $13) #sgkoreanfood #socialenterprise

Very hearty, fresh and fulfilling meal. The portion is larger than I expected, which is

great! I also loved how it was sizzling while i ate it 🤤

This dish, dolsot bibimbap (korean stone pot mixed rice), is served with a variety of

raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, cabbage, red cabbage, spinach, beansprouts and toasted seaweed. Simply add their authentic Korean gochujang sauce and mixed everything. It is a healthy and delicious dish. 😋 #korean #bibimbap #claypot

Colourful medley of vegetables on purple rice. Add in any amount of gochujang as you

like. Delicious and comforting bowl of goodness. Love the crunchy bits of scorched rice on the side of the hot stone bowl.


It's nice and tasty with fresh vegetables and purple rice. But nothing impressive, just a

regular sizzling bibimbap. Gochujang was served separately so you could adjust to your taste. The gochujang was more fermented bean-y. Nice but not hot at all. Very Pricey. Should have included some form of protein like tofu or beancurd skin type of thing.

Yeayyyyy back in this area again for meditation session so of course had to dine


First time trying d bimbimbap, previously has just been tasting frm friend's plate.

Colourful.Delicious. Carrots-White n Purple cabbage-Beansprouts-Spinach-Mushroom-seitan (i think)-Cucumber-Seaweed over brown rice in d stonepot. Asked for more gojuchang sauce,if not it's a bit too dry for me.

I thot the serving wld be huge, whc is why i never had ths previously b4 meditation,scared tht Ill fall asleep during d session. The portion was actually just nice for a big eater like me. But i stil dozed off a bit 🤭 cos i had an uber long n tiring day.

It was my first time having bibimbap and I LOVED IT! It’s basically stone pot

mixed rice. The
scorched rice took it over the top! It was served with their house made Gochujang. Comes with a bunch of veggies: Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Beansprout, Mushrooms, Spinach and Carrot

This Bibimbap is a rainbow in a bowl, tons of different vegetables served on a

bed of rice in a hot stone pot topped with a very spicy gochujang paste. Suggest scooping off a little gochujang if your spice tolerance is low. While I do enjoy this Bibimbap and think it’s great value for money at just $9.90, I prefer the one at SBCD Korean Tofu House for the uniqueness of the vegetables they use.

Yummy stone pot of goodness! It has lots of healthy ingredients as well! Purple cabbage,

spinach, carrot, bean sprout, seaweed plus Sesame! Yums😋 there is always a crowd at this place when it is meal times. Hence better to go during non peak hours! Pour the side dishes into the whole bowl and mix it all together for yums. It is $11.90 and they have a cool system for ordering.

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