Laksa “Seafood”

by Sunny Slices
3.37 (7)
  • Is Laksa “Seafood” vegan? Yes! Laksa “Seafood” is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

This has to be the most veganized like dish - with both a vegan Laksa

base and vegan seafood. Idk why everyone is hating on this cause I liked the Laksa taste.... but yea I can see, maybe the seafood could be a bit of an overkill since they all have the same flavour vs the non-veg version. I think the best description of this pizza is the Laksa from Greendot made into a pizza. Still better than some sad vegan pizzas I’ve had in the past... would recommend for those who like #laksa flavours like me and konyaku mock meats #veganin2020

10/15 I went to a pizza party recently where we tried 15 different types of

pizza! Not the best looking pizza 🤣 but boy did it make up for it with the taste! I’m not a fan of the fake seafood chunks but the laksa flavour and base were really good and so different to have on a pizza 😋 #abillionlove

I have to admit, this is an authentic rendition of laksa on a pizza. Having

said that, this will definitely not be the most popular flavour. The fake seafood is made of rubbery and tasteless konnyaku. Authenticity should only be taken so far. #veganisnotscary

🍕 review 3/5: Least favourite pizza of the lot. There's just something about the "seafood"

(konnyaku I think) that feels rubbery and bland.

Had very high expectations due to the positive reviews, but was quite disappointed.. The dough

was very thin, flappy and soft, more like bread than pizza crust, and we had to roll it up or fold it like a sandwich. There was a lot of sauce which made the pizza very wet and salty. The toppings also tasted quite mediocre. Some more it is almost $20 per pizza for just 10", almost double of mainstream pizzas. Oh well.

Not a fan of the konjac seafood, taste and texture gets monotonous. Laksa taste isn't

strong enough. My mom says there's no bean sprouts so this can't be laksa but also does anyone wanna eat a bean sprout pizza 🍕

The taste was so so compared to all the other 🍕 from Sunny Slices but

💯 for making such an interesting flavour!

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