Hoisin Pulled Young Jack

by Sunny Slices
4.44 (9)
  • Is Hoisin Pulled Young Jack vegan? Yes! Hoisin Pulled Young Jack is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Had this with the regular crust this time instead of the puff pastry - was

still delicious with the well flavoured jackfruit! Personally preferred the puff pastry crust because it’s different from the usual pizza and was unique to them #bringbackthepuff #veganin2020

I really like hoisin sauce & the jackfruit is so well marinated! A little salty


Absolute favourite pizza from sunny slices! No omni, impossible or beyond meat just jackfruit on

a super soft base. Was skeptical of the cucumber on top but it tastes refreshing and great!


Got this for free with my order. Tasted so good with the veg and the

jackfruit flavouring was delish. If you haven’t tried sunny slice pizza yet, I would highly recommend!

My favourite dish here! Jackfruit never fails to impress me and the sliced green onion

and cucumber add a nice cronch to the party 🎈

Wish I could love it but honestly couldn’t taste the jackfruit. The sauce was way

too salty. Crust not up to my preference.

This is the complementary mini pizza~ so pretty isn’t it?

Super thankful to find another fully

vegan eatery. (The same creator from Love Handle, Harvest..)

Very tasty, a clever spin on chinese flavours. Salty and nutty.

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