Corny Guac Fries

by Sunny Slices
4.11 (15)
  • Is Corny Guac Fries vegan? Yes! Corny Guac Fries is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Consider me obsessed!!! Then again how can anyone resist guac on fries with cheese on

top? If the cheese were melted it would be even more perfect 😊 #veganisnotscary

before i first went vegan, i loved spending my recess allowance on kfc cheese fries.

for some strange reason this dish is really close to my memory of it and i’m thinkin its because of the mayo and spring onions. i’m not normally a fan of avocado (yes we exist) but i don’t mind it in this one bit!

Please forgive the poor image. I took ig story but was too hungry to take

individual photo. So this is just a snapshot from the story.

Love the guacamole and vegan mayo! The fries tasted oily though. Overall yumz!!

#vegan #fries #veganin2020

Not my favourite- the fries were ok, I don’t like olives and there were a

lot of corn kernels that didn’t go with the fries. Kinda hard to eat, unless you use a spoon. The sauce was nice. Will try the plum fries next time or ask them not to put the corn and olives. #veganisnotscary #sunnyslices

Was not expecting this much fries cause there was only 2 of us but no

regrets! I love that they had a good ratio of sauce to fries and the sauce was perfectly delicious and creamy. Best recommended for sharing for a few people if you’re planning on getting some pizza

Day 7 #veganisnotscary

Oh. My. Gosh. Addicted!!! These were so good! The fries were still crispy despite being

covered in guacamole. I lived the roasted corny. And the fries were delicious all on their own.

Deliciously crispy fries with creamy dressing. A bit pricy - you could get almost two

servings of just the fries - but nice if you’re looking to treat yourself. #veganisnotscary

These werent bad, but i felt like the sauce was very separated from the fries

😮😮 nothing very special about this imo

//23 Dec 2021

Very Nice flavour but fries are soggy already when delivered. Can be reheated but I

don't want to reheat with the sauces, jalapeno and olives so it's ok. Soft fries are fine for me.

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