Truffle Dry Ramen With Lion Mane Karahage

by Saute Sushi
3.56 (9)
  • Is Truffle Dry Ramen With Lion Mane Karahage vegan? Yes! Truffle Dry Ramen With Lion Mane Karahage is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Was curious abt this dish aftr reading a few reviews abt it.

Its a nice

dish, i like their take on the lion mane karage. a bit too strong on the soy sauce mix so i had to add wasabi to hv tht Japanese'y kind of taste. Generous on the vege and a just nice portion too if u wanna eat other small bites here.

This dry ramen was alot nicer than the soup one I had though the noodles

still had the alkaline flavour. It was not as apparent as it was masked by the truffle oil or something. Alot more flavourful, this ramen

10/10 entertained by the dish names at Saute Sushi 🤡 We tried their dry ramen

with my fav lion mane mushroom and it was i would say, ok-ok only. Nothing special and tbf i think the karage at lucky cat >>> this karahage. So this aint going on my noodle collection unforty 🥺 I like the addition of black fungus and fresh veggies tho! #ramen #noodle

Love the presentation of the dish. This bowl of dry ramen arrived to the table

on the sushi train as well! The lion mane kaRAHage was nice. Fresh vegetables used. Overall, this dish lean towards a chinese noodles dish. I think a change of noodles and sauce is very much needed to make this dish a Japanese tasting one.


Shared this ramen with birthday girl. The taste is pretty good, just that I prefer

to have more greens to balance out the ramen.
68/90 #veganisnotscary

Dry noodles topped with fried lion mane mushrooms and assorted vegetables. Relatively tasty but more

of a soy sauce taste with Chinese-style noodles; truffle aroma wasn't strong and wouldn't really call it ramen. ($11.90)

There's a pleasingly smoky truffle taste to this bowl of dry noodles - though it

smells stronger than it tastes. The overall flavour grows on you though, as you mix the different textures of the bowl together - from the noodles to the crispy lion's mane nuggets and cherry tomatoes.

This tasted good, dont get me wrong-but tasted more like chinese dried noodles 😅 Dont

get a ramen feel from this. Probably wont be ordering this again.

Hubby found the taste alright, but portion was too small for him.

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