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Most helpful reviews

It's gluten-free! Just like the pancakes.
It's moist, rich and utterly delicious!
Haven't had a cake that

taste so rich in a while.

Finally trying the dark chocolate cake for the first time at a birthday 🎊

and it's authentic raw cacao

Rich in chocolate without it being too cloying. Cake was moist. Good cake and cream

ratio. Love this! Lovely ambience by the river.

Price: $10

Damn, this cake was AMAZING!!!!

I expected it to be bitter because 85% DARK CHOCOLATE!!!

but honestly it was perfectly fine
And there’s salt in it which works perfectly cause
Dark chocolate and salt 🤩

And the raspberry on top together with the smooth cake worked so well together

It was honestly great for its price!!! $9 for a vegan cake YES PLSSSSS

One of the best chocolate cakes ever!!! The sponge cake layers were moist, and perfectly

complemented with the the ganache filing that simply gave the cake an added oomph. The portion was generous and filling, especially after lunch. Enjoyed every single bite of it. This is a perfect example of how vegan cakes can beat non vegan ones hands down!

This dark chocolate cake is fantastic! It is made with raspberry and chia seed compote

with hazelnut paste. It is serve chilled, which is a really nice way to experience this dessert. The raspberry provides a bit of tartness that goes very well with the dark chocolate.

The vegan 85% dark chocolate cake ($9) was extremely decadent and moist; I can't believe

it's vegan as it's easily the best chocolate cake I have eaten.

Classic dark choc cake done right. Sponge is soft and aerated, and ganache is rich

and smooth, quite addictive. Sweetness is just right and not cloying at all. Compared to Hazelnut Praline, this was slightly denser and less sweet, but both are so good.

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