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Nasi Lemak

by Pine Tree Cafe


4.18 (9)

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26 December 2020
A vegan version of a Singaporean staple.

A coconut rice, served with beans, peanuts, enoki billis and a yummy sambal. Straightforward vegan goodness

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1 May 2019
Reminded me of how nasi lemak tastes after 2 years being vegan 👍

the chicken was exceptionally amazing, with "meat" coming off in strips and otah that tasted very much alike the real one, albeit no longer warm. the rice and soup were fragrant. the "fish" tasted like normal mock meat with...

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22 September 2020
I loved the mock fish and mock meat wrapped in the pandan leaves.

While I didn't really dare to touch the chilli, I liked that it wasn't just spicy, but also sweet.

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17 June 2022
Belly belly good Nasi lemak in my opinion.

😬 fluffy fragrant coconut milk rice.. veggies are so so. Pandan chix has rich pandan flavour. Didn’t quite like mock fish in general this is no...

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3 October 2021
Loved the leaf wrapped taukee ‘chicken’!

Rice was fragrant, also liked that there was veggie other than just cucumber haha. Quite worth it for $5 #veganisnotscary

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4 August 2022
What a hugeeee portion.

It was a nice and hearty meal, really like the sambal chilli. Thanks for agreeing to have dinner with me @byobottlesg 😊 It was really nice to catch up 💙

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7 November 2020
Wanted to order nasi lemak but some of the ingredients has ran off so it

end up like a mix and match rice. The dishes and the chilli is good though. Hopefully next time will get to try the authentic one.

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28 November 2021
This was so so.

I don’t think it tasted anything close to what it’s supposed to The chilli made up for what was lacking and strangely, they served it with a clear broth.

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22 November 2019
The sambal taste is very close to the real nasi lemak sambal.

It is authentic to me.

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31 January 2020
WOW this is one of the most unique nasi lemak i've ever eaten!!

swipe left to see what's inside the pandan leaves:D it tasted somewhat like mushrooms(?)

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