The Vegan Tacos

by Papi's Tacos
4.08 (15)
  • Is The Vegan Tacos vegan? Yes! The Vegan Tacos is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

5s all round here for the best (and only) vegan tacos I’ve ever had! 🌮

loaded with fresh veggies and more guac than you can shake a stick at. #veganin2020

The taco shell are delicious. The taste of the plant based meat is super close

to meat, it is impossible to tell the difference.

Boom love seeing vegan options that I don’t have to veganize! These are made with

grilled mushrooms 🍄 and veggies and a ton of guacamole on top. I really liked the seasoning on the mushrooms and overall there were super delicious. The chef also told us about how they make the tortillas and hot sauces fresh from scratch which is a really nice touch. The hot sauces don’t have any vinegar in them which really lets the flavors of the ingredients pop. Go check these out at Papi’s Tacos on Seah Street! 🥳 It’s run by my friend Igor who started Employees Only bar in NYC’s West Village and the one in Singapore and Hong Kong!

#papistacos #employeesonly #tacos

#tacotuesday #sgtop50 #my500threview #555 ok I think the mushrooms should have been cooked down longer

until all the liquid was released, because they made the tacos so soggy and messy to eat! I also didn’t like having corn in there, sorry, but healthier than the Impossible ones, I guess?

Wanted to get the impossible ones but they were out so was happy to settle

with this - was probably for the best not to add in that process stuff for a change. Lovely little place and 10/10 margaritas! Been wanting to go back but it’s always booked out so book in advance! #veganin2020 #sg

Pretty good tacos, the mushrooms had a lot of weight and drenched the soft shell

though, at one point it broke 🥲 I’d love to see more ingredients in it like maybe a vegan sour cream or even cheeze! Also, be sure to add their house made salsas - I went in for the spiciest as that’s the only one that has spice IMO - yes I’m not human. Set of 3 for $16.

One of the best tacos I’ve tried. Very good taste and feelings are quite good.

You can choose if you want 2 or 3 tacos.

Vegan tacos with mushrooms 🍄 I thought this was a bit well seasoned compared with

the Impossible tacos. Very good

Soooo good 🥰 Vegan mexican cravings finally satisfied!! The soft taco shell gets a lil

too soggy after a while tho hahaha

i guess i was a bit disappointed about this because there’s no (vegan) crema and

the shell texture tasted meh😶 also, the water from the veggies has made it extra watery so the shell couldn’t hold all the food when eating it😬😬 wish i read some reviews before trying this😶

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