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Rendang gravy was surprisingly spicy but delightfully manageable; even for non spicy eaters. Good thing

there are tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce to cool and balance it. The gravy is also consistently balanced in texture and has the nutty taste. But thankfully not the soury or certain aftertaste of meat rendang cooked with coconut and other cholesterol laden ingredients. @herbimetal #vegbuddies

vegan rendang is the best!! u can also add on tempeh which i did!! #crf

Satisfying dish. Rich and tasty with a variety of vegetables. Service was also friendly

and efficient although the place was full.

Probably one of my favourite dishes at Nomvnom (after their tempeh burgers!), and my 2nd

time reviewing this! The rendang is flavourful, spicy, and shreds just like real meat. The menu did not indicate what it’s made of, but by the looks of it i am guessing they used pulled jackfruit. This dish also comes with white rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fried mushroom stems to mimic anchovies.

I know i’ve disappeared for a while… my apologies to that 😅 The stress of university really does things to you. I was also a tad bit exhausted of having to post regularly. However, I still hope to continue making reviews here every once in a while!

Not spicy to me (my threshold for spice is quite high). Quite tasty overall but

I have tasted better vegetarian rendangs 🥺

Love rendang, so went for the Toon Rendang Rice. The rendang flavour is rich and

goes very well with the rice. The vegan minced meat is fully mixed in with toon in the rendang, so it is full flavoured. I love the crunch from the crispy ikan bilies (anchovies) made from mushroom stems. Comes with a slice of tomato and lettuce.

This is a hearty meal and can be very filling for a small eater. I personally prefer a more meaty bite instead of tiny minced pieces. I also prefer to have traditional rendang gravy which this does not allow me to separate the meat from the gravy.

#rendang #minced #vegan #rice #toon

This was @waterlily’s dish but as usual we barterswapped our food so we’d get to

try more 😋 The #rendang was really good, if not a little sweeter than the traditional one. Then again a #plantbased rendering would be considered blasphemous to many a rendang snob anyways so what’s to care of tradition? 😙 I can’t recall the #fakemeat they used, if any at all, but I didn’t have any complains. Apart from that though I can’t add on too much, this being an #abillionhacks review and all, but it’s a solid +1 from me.

This was my second time trying this dish. The chef had revamped the recipe and

I absolutely loved it! The thick, creamy, spicy and flavourful rendang gravy with morsels of chewy, 'meaty' bits accompanied with the perfectly cooked rice was a winner for me. #crfsg

A nice savory dish, very spicy, lots of rendang. Good addition of vegetables, rice had

a nice texture. Not really my favorite dish though. Shared this with @ianfx8888 #vegbuddies

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