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I haven’t had egg tarts in over 10 years. Almost forgot these guys exists. I

loved that the centre is made of a thick & rich custard-like cream, instead of the jello-like egg fillings you would usually get from the regular ones. The tart itself is very flavourful as well. Overall a very convincing egg tart, if not better than the real thing.

Not available everyday. Availability of egg tarts is completely up to the restaurant.

I love egg tarts so was pleasantly surprised to find this vegan version! The custard

was super smooth and had great texture, but the egg taste could've been stronger. The tart base wasn't memorable #veganisnotscary

Deliciously creamy vegan soy custard / ‘egg’ tart albeit on the smaller side 🌻 The

layered flaky base was crispy and subtly buttery! #sgbakes

$5 for 2! I was really excited to try this egg tart after seeing so

many good reviews on it but I’m very disappointed:( the crust was like the short bread kind of crust, but wasn’t buttery enough like good egg tarts are. had a really strong turmeric taste too! the custard was... custard without the eggy flavour at all HAHAHAH it smelled really good but once I ate it it was really underwhelming, like it just tasted like normal custard?? which I guess is not bad considering that it’s vegan ya know bc like it’s hard to even get vegan custard but given that it’s called egg tart, nah. nowhere near. but I like that the custard was really smooth and soft though so that’s a plus!! but overall won’t call this an egg tart, more of a custard tart and it’s just really underwhelming. actually don’t mind it as just a custard tart on its own, but at the price point I think nah plus don’t like how it’s marketed as an egg tart without tasting anywhere near an egg tart HAHA or maybe my standards are just high because I really love egg tarts🥺

First of all, I thought this was too pricy for an egg tart. Two

vegan egg tarts for 5 dollars. Honestly the vegan egg tart tatsed no where near the orginal egg tart. The egg was replaced with custard, which was perfectly smooth but didnt taste as good. The crust was nice, but I thought a bit more buttery would have tasted better. It has a slight vanilla essence, which I considered not a bad idea.

Custard (ingredients: soy milk, turmeric) filled tart which taste watery for me, perhaps it is

different in every bake. Good to try as my first Vegan egg tart.
Cost $5 for set of 2 pcs.

hi I am bacc and I lov egg tart 10/10 egg tart hella silky hella

smooth hella cweamy I lov waiting for someone to do vegan portuguese egg tart thoughhhh 🐸 and yes I would recommend this to both my best friend as well as my enemy if they even exist 🥰 amazing egg tart guys (ʃƪ^3^)

This tastes richer and creamier than a regular egg tart. The pastry is nice, has

a good bite to it and buttery. The only difference I could pick up is that regular egg tart filling is probably light and jelly like in texture whereas this one is more custardy and thick which I personally prefer. I’m obsessed, after I had my first bite I had to order 2 more to go!

Yummm! The only other vegan egg tart I’ve tried is from teenyweenytreats. In comparison, this

egg tart tastes much eggier, however, texture wise this is a bit too soft / pudding-like for me and I prefer teenyweeny egg tarts’ firmer custard. But this is absolutely delicious so no complains either way! 👍🏻

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