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  • Original Vegan Egg Tart

Original Vegan Egg Tart

by nomVnom Bistro


4.16 (35)

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22 November 2020
I haven’t had egg tarts in over 10 years.

Almost forgot these guys exists. I loved that the centre is made of a thick & rich custard-like cream, instead of the jello-like egg fillings you would usually get from the regular ones. The tart itself is very flavourful as...

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13 August 2020
Tastes just like childhood.

Custardy filling with a great crust. Definitely on my nomvnom tiered list (which I'll create a collection for later)

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16 August 2020
This is the first vegan egg tart I’ve had and it did not disappoint!!!

😋👌🏼 I loved the buttery flakiness of the crust and the filling was delightful and the perfect sweetness. Would definitely recommend and get again! 🙌🏼

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30 January 2021
Love the softness of the custard.

It will literally melt in your mouth. #veganuary

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5 January 2021
they look a bit sad........ but is ok!!!

they super yümmy and gùüd ....! my fave tarteu 😳

plz giv them some luv, they're shy

(´ . .̫ ....

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15 October 2020
I love egg tarts so was pleasantly surprised to find this vegan version!

The custard was super smooth and had great texture, but the egg taste could've been stronger. The tart base wasn't memorable #veganisnotscary

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19 February 2022
Kinda pricy at $2.9 and not sure if I like the fact that it’s served

cold 🤭 but this isn’t an egg tart, it’s more of a custard tart. Strong vanilla flavour!

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30 May 2022
Good texture.

But quite expensive for this tiny sweet. Soy custard replaces the ‘egg’ here which is quite sweet. Just an ok dish.

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7 September 2020
$5 for 2!

I was really excited to try this egg tart after seeing so many good reviews on it but I’m very disappointed:( the crust was like the short bread kind of crust, but wasn’t buttery enough like good egg tarts are. had a really strong turmeric taste too! the custard was... custard without the eggy flavour at all HAHAHAH it smelled really good but once I ate it it was really underwhelming, like it just tasted like normal...

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9 June 2020
i’ve tried it another time when the crust was more crisp and the curstard

firmer and less splits but it seems to have variations.

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