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Este restaurante es 100% vegano y tiene una amplia variedad de opciones!!
Esta hamburguesa estaba

buena pero no me mato... hasta el momento la que más más me ha gustado es la Bun Lion 🙌

This is going to be my new favourite burger at NomvNom - the patty is

nicely grilled and the toon pieces give the burger a nice texture. Added vegan cheese and changed to a charcoal bun. This was delicious

I think Nomvnom is becoming one of my favourite haunts recently. Not only because it

is convenient (actually that's a major factor for me) but also I love how they serve really good food despite being vegan and allium free. It's really not easy to make food taste good without alliums and I really selude them for that! This is the omnimeat burger that I have gotten the other day. The default comes with cheese but I chose to remove it as I didn't really enjoy the cheese. I would say, without the cheese, the burger tasted a little plain on its own. I had to add some chili sauce to enhance it a little. (No minus points for that as I removed the cheese out of my own accord)The patty itself was towards the softer side and not as 'meaty' as the mushroom/soy/tempeh patty. It was topped with some mushrooms and mayonnaise (luckily not alot) which goes well with the entire burger. Personally I wouldn't still stick to their other specialities as I am not a very big fan of omnimeat but I do recommend it for those who don't like their burgers too 'meaty'. I do hope they can come up with more variations on the omnimeat patty, like making a spicy version etc, instead of cheese #veganisnotscary

Interesting toona flavoured omnimeat patty. Pity it doesn’t really gel for me. Bread is soft

and nice.

A fully vegan eatery, nomvnom is one of the few safe havens for vegans as

we do not have to worry about egg and dairy land mines 😁

The latest addition to their large arsenal of vegan burgers is the Omn!meat Toona Burger. Omn!meat might not be the "meat" patty of choice for a burger, but the way Nomvnom did it, their Omn!meat patty can totally hold its own in a fight against Impossible and Beyond.

The creator of this patty added Toona, a herb commonly used in vegetarian cuisine, together with his original blend of seasoning, which magically removed the unique odour of Omn!meat, which some find unpleasant.

Pan-grilled, the patty is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, complete with refreshing slices of tomatoes and a generous serving of lettuce. The burger sauce is mayonnaise based, simple and good enough to elevate the flavour of the Omn!meat patty.

We tried one burger and couldn't resist buying the second one right away. Once bitten, twice buy!

There is really nothing much to nitpick about this burger but if any, the price was a little on the high side, but we suppose that can't be helped, considering the patty was made with Omn!meat. Hopefully the price of Omn!meat will go down soon (like JUST Egg), making awesome vegan food more accessible for a wider audience.

Haven't had any fish in 14 years, but very similar to my memory of how

it tastes. Light and flavorful. The bun was soft, and didn't get soggy with all the sauces inside. The patty was flavorful, chewy and a bit crumbly-reminiscent of a fish patty. I'm glad it wasn't deep fried.

OmniMeat Toona burger ($10.90 a la carte). The OmniMeat patty was slightly thin and small,

but the patty had a good bite to it and a nice umami flavour which went well with the mushrooms, alongside some refreshing lettuce and tomatoes.

My first time to have Omnimeat in a burger. I enjoyed the large patty. The

lettuce tomato and mushroom made for a happy combination in my mouth.

Yum! Rly flavourful and satisfying burger, but price point is on the high side. Think

it’s not deep fried so a slightlyyy healthier alternative with protein if that’s what u r looking for :)

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