Review of Omn!meat Toona Burger at nomVnom Bistro by plantbasedlifestyle

photo of nomVnom Bistro Omn!meat Toona Burger shared by @plantbasedlifestyle on  20 Oct 2020 - review

I think Nomvnom is becoming one of my favourite haunts recently. Not only because it is convenient (actually that's a major factor for me) but also I love how they serve really good food despite being vegan and allium free. It's really not easy to make food taste good without alliums and I really selude them for that! This is the omnimeat burger that I have gotten the other day. The default comes with cheese but I chose to remove it as I didn't really enjoy the cheese. I would say, without the cheese, the burger tasted a little plain on its own. I had to add some chili sauce to enhance it a little. (No minus points for that as I removed the cheese out of my own accord)The patty itself was towards the softer side and not as 'meaty' as the mushroom/soy/tempeh patty. It was topped with some mushrooms and mayonnaise (luckily not alot) which goes well with the entire burger. Personally I wouldn't still stick to their other specialities as I am not a very big fan of omnimeat but I do recommend it for those who don't like their burgers too 'meaty'. I do hope they can come up with more variations on the omnimeat patty, like making a spicy version etc, instead of cheese #veganisnotscary


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