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I went back again! And I had the Thunder Tea Rice again. But I had

one addition. This Sri Lankan Curry Roll.
It was nice, though the curry was very mild and no kick. Some fresh coriander would have been nice as well.
I would order it again, because it wasn’t a bad dish overall.
#vegan #plantbased #lunch #nutritionist #plantchef

Personally, this is the only place I had had Sri Lankan Rolls, so I don't

have a basis of comparison. The aroma of the curry flavour first hit me when I took the first bite. It also had a nice crunch. #cherishfootprints

Not entirely sure of the ingredients as the owner didn't really go into it even

when I asked, but it was delicious! The blend of herbs and spices gave the dish a more layered and complex spiciness, without compromising the spiciness level. Portions were a little small though.


Still can't fathom y this dish is popular. My SL pal said it's not an

ethnic dish

🌯🥔🍅🥒🌶I was quite intrigued what Sri Lankan rolls were meant to taste like. Without knowing

what it tastes like in Sri Lanka... this was quite an interesting mix of flavour and texture. Taco like wrap, filling made from potatoes, tomatoes and veg and spices, with a cucumber slice to provide moisture and freshness. The seasoning was on the dry and strong spice side. So probably not for people sensitive to spice. 😚

The auntie called me 美女 I want vomit blood hahahahahaha 😒 but ok she's very

friendly. Balanced flavor but didn't really felt Sri Lankan? This actually filled me up very fast. Lots of veggies. Perfect portions of chickpeas, taukwa and even more veggies inside but it's weird because it's chinese veggies. They marinate the mock meat well so theres no niam niam taste.Think a wrap that became a roll and there you have this!

I finally get to try this!!
So so good now i know why they're d popular

Spicy. crunchy. potatoes tomatoes coriander carrot curry paste within d wrap. They could add more of tht white cream tho. But yeah, such a lovely dish! Perfect to go along with d assam laksa.

The Sri Lanka roll cost $8.50. It consisted of tortilla wrap filled with nicely spiced

curry vegetables and soy 'meat' chunks.

Sri Lankan roll tastes great. Curry spice is fragrant though a little on the spicy

side, blends well with the texture of “meat”, which is quite like chicken

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