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Oddly Hazy Mylk

by Mong Cha Cha Cafe 梦茶茶
4.34 (22)
  • Is Oddly Hazy Mylk vegan? Yes! Oddly Hazy Mylk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Mong Cha Cha Cafe 梦茶茶
Mong Cha Cha Cafe 梦茶茶127 dishes · 433 reviews

Singapore's 1st 100% plant-based bubble tea cafe. We serve waffles, ice cream, pizza, pasta and udon.

79E Toa Payoh Central, #01-75, Singapore 315079

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Most helpful reviews

I miss the brown sugar boba. Since it's in final days, I don't expect the

best ingredients to still be in. Hope clarke quay bistro will still have it

Much better with sugar boba pearls .. Next only wanna try French vanilla oat

milk with hazelnuts

So yummy!! I think it's made using oat mylk. Love the hazelnut flavoring. Pearls were

nice and chewy. Yumz!!

#vegan #bubbletea #bbt

The vegan gods have heard our prayers!! No prizes for guessing why I wanted to

try this. They are the first #fullyvegan BBT joint in Singapore, even making their own oat mylk from scratch 🥛 Hazelnut taste is subtle and the white konjac pearls were fun to chew. They use biodegradable cups but try to byo bottle! They give a 10% off 😁 Ice-cream is lovely too.


I have NEVER liked bubble tea before i was a vegan, but was extremely impressed

that there would even be a vegan bubble tea shop in Singapore. I decided to try their Oddly Hazy Mylk which has a thick yet silky smooth consistency. It honestly took me quite a lot of sips before i got accustomed to its taste. You can also customize your own bubble tea here. Moreover, MCC offers a small range of vegan ice creams and a 10% off your purchase if you bring your own cup.

First time actually visiting the shop and getting my bubble tea fix. Normally someone use

to head down to this area for whatever reason and brought us back some (pre-covid days).

Decided to go with something besides my usual. Tasted alright. Wasn’t really crazy because it’s basically just mylk with some jelly of sorts which is great for my mylk loving friends out there but next time I think I’m going to stick with my earl grey. Upside is that I liked that it gave me that sweet fix without making me feel full like the way non-vegan bubble tea makes you feel.

Been wanting to try this but sadly the very slimy and mucus-like texture was not

what I had expected. The taste is not that bad, a bit on the sweet side and kind of reminds me of ferrero rocher but the slimy texture is really off-putting and out of place esp in bubble tea cos it makes me feel like im literally drinking mucus or phelgm. Also it's quite pricey for what it is :/ quite surprised since there were so many 5 star reviews for this but I feel like they're all probably from people who haven't had bubble tea in too long and forgot what it's supposed to taste like 😂😅

First time here to try their milk teas, found the hazelnut too strong for my

liking but really love the chewy jelly bits at the bottom! Used my barepack cup for this and got a discount, glad to support small businesses during this trying time.

I really liked this freshly squeezed oat milk. I could taste the sediments and the

combination with hazelnut made it unique. Apparently oat milk can help lower bad cholesterol (something i need). One more reason to drink MYLK 😊

The 2nd bubble tea I tried here - the hazelnut milk is nice and light

creamy. Couldn’t place the flavour of the bubbles - which were subtle and not so sweet. All in all nice!

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