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It was super yummy overall! The noodles was chewy and

nice! The char siew like eating meat 😅! The sauce for the noodles &. Chilli was good too! Soup was very tasty and the dumpling was good too 👍🏻

My only complaint was that the portion was a tad too small. Other than

that, it tasted amazing. Never a fan of char siew. But these were quite ok. The wantons tasted so good too.
Yo Makan Vegan Geylang, make your portions bigger I’m a growing boy!!

#sgcheapandgood as usual! I am always surprised by how flavourful the noodles and sauce are.

My friend who also tried it said it tastes better than the meat version, especially the "meat".

This was a good bowl of wanton noodles. The pluses are springy noddles, tasty sauce

mix so that every bite of noddles were well coated with sauce; wantons were in soup and plump. The xiao bai cai greens and char siew added lovely colours to the dish. Definitely enjoyable but too expensive for coffeeshop by the road side.

Quite possibly the sweetest wanton mee I've had. Wanton head's on the pathetic side and

char siew's in cahoots with the sauce; sweet beyond words.

My comfort food- the famous wanton noodles
Will travel here on a public holiday just

to eat it.
So what are you waiting for?

Not bad, just you wun get enough veg from this meal

Finally visited Makan Vegan, a fully vegan coffeeshop in Singapore, on Vesak day. Its been

a long time since I had my wanton mee after I went vegan, and eating this brings me to memory lane back to my favourite traditional non-vegan wanton mee I have tried!

The firm noodle, and chilli sauce have exactly the same taste as the traditional wanton mee. The wanton is good, soft and smooth, and the wanton skins are not like those that are bitter and yellowish.

Oh and I love the crispy vegan fried bits which resemble the fried pork lard which sits at the bottom of the noodle.

Paired it with a good vegan kopi and my lunch is complete! :)

A $4.50 dish from Makan Vegan. The café is lovely, but their wanton noodles didn’t

blow my mind. They were good, but way too oily in my opinion. It also lacks a bit of veggies in my opinion. As for the wanton, there were 3 of them. I liked their simple taste. The broth in which they are served is simple as well, but with loads of pepper so make sure you ask if you don’t want any. The overall experience was nice but the food didn’t get me overtly enthusiastic.

First time eat this. Must say it's good as what many who have tried said.

It's joy to eat - noodles perfect, mixing the generous sauce with the noodles (enough to drench every strand of noodles) and next moment slurping it up following downing a spoonful of soup with wanton. You must try, for words cannot describe the wanton noodles experience.

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