Kampong Fried Rice

by Loving Hut
4.16 (14)
  • Is Kampong Fried Rice vegan? Yes! Kampong Fried Rice is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Huge portion. Fried rice had wok hay. Keropok were crispy. Satay sauce was rich and

the satay somewhat soft and easy to chew. Soup was normal. Popiah was good.

This is a huge meal so be prepared to eat a lot! One of the

signatures at Loving Hut and for good reason. The skewers were perfectly spiced, really reminded me of satay, sans the peanut dipping sauce. Fried rice was flavourful, sambal was delicious, and the only issue was the interior of the mini fried spring roll was still cold 🥲 a must-have at loving hut! #veganisnotscary

The satay was the only satisfying part of this set. The rice wasn't as spicy

as the staff made it out to be and the rest of the elements on the plate weren't impressive either. The soup was just boiled veg in water with a pinch of salt. You can do so much better loving hut!


What really saved this dish was the satay which was so succulent and with great

peanut sauce accompaniment. The rice itself however was very forgettable - pretty bland, oily and the tofu pieces weren’t fried as crisp as I usually like them. Huge portion though which is the only thing I’d say that could justify the $10.90 price point but next time I’d probably just get the satay as a dish on its own and not this again


I'm a sucker for a good fried rice dish and this one hits the spot.

The kampung fried rice is tossed in sauce and seasoning to create a really fragrant flavour. The little kebab sticks add a nice different texture too.


This place never disappoints. With a No non-sense ambience and staff, taste is always spot-on!

This fried rice was yum and the vegan sattay is barbecued with warm peanut sauce😋

I swear... 2 people can eat this! I had to leave a portion behind in

my water bottle for takeaway. Haha. I enjoyed the variety of ingredients - pickled veg, soup, crackers, samosa, satay, and of course, rice! The satay was really nice to chew on, and the peanut sauce was nutty good without being oily. The main lead, rice, works for me! Nicely stir fried so there's just enough flavour, spiciness, and hardly oily.

$10.90+. Very generous portion! Flavour was good. But the fried rice was oily and the

satay was extra oily lol. I guess the oil helped to make the satay not dry unlike some veg satays. The spring roll was ordinary veg filling and could be more crispy. The soup was great to wash down the oil!

It can easily be shared by 2. The quantity is too much. Comes with crisps,

2 satay sticks, clear soup, samosa, fried peanuts and some cucumber 🥒 tomato 🍅 slices

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