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Golden Fries

by Love Handle


4.43 (23)

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30 March 2021
Fries arrived hot, crunchy and totally delicious!

Swipe to see my attempt at a cool artsy food pic that ended up as a giant blurry fail 😂

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24 April 2022
These fries actually arrive still as crisp as ever, what a win 😋 The outer

coating is just perfect, super crispy, while maintaining a warm, fluffy, inviting inside. It didn’t come with a dip, which counts as a bonus in my book so I get to choose the flavour. This plus #wasabi mayo is such a good combo by the way 😉

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23 May 2020
Would have been even more crispy if I didn’t live so far away.

At first bite I knew these are belly good fries~ the kind I like~~~

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19 December 2021
Crispy and fluffy inside !

Nothing to shout about tho!

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6 January 2021
The best fries EVER!

Crispy on the outside. Tasty....

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6 November 2020
Went to redeem my 1$ burger and got these on the side.

They had some sort of light batter on them that kept them crispy for almost two hours!!

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22 June 2021
These #fries are addicting… probably the best fries I’ve had in SG??

They are super crispy without skimping on the potato

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13 October 2020
The color changing ambience changing the background tone of the fries, golden as ever.

Will come back for the ambience.

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24 July 2020
I had these late and they got soggy, but I can still see them being

amazing fresh out of the fryer. #deepfried

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1 July 2020
really yummy!

just the perfect amount of crispy and the portion is so generous :D

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