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Most helpful reviews

Went to redeem my 1$ burger and got these on the side. They had some

sort of light batter on them that kept them crispy for almost two hours!!
The 8ash dining area is TOO RED IMO.

The best fries EVER! Crispy on the outside. Tasty. Salty. But not too oily. Perfect

side to go with my vegan cheeseburger. 🍟🍔

These fries actually arrive still as crisp as ever, what a win 😋 The outer

coating is just perfect, super crispy, while maintaining a warm, fluffy, inviting inside. It didn’t come with a dip, which counts as a bonus in my book so I get to choose the flavour. This plus #wasabi mayo is such a good combo by the way 😉

These #fries are addicting… probably the best fries I’ve had in SG?? They are super

crispy without skimping on the potato

A generous bowl of truffle fries which filled 2 of us up so fast! Perfectly

crispy outside with a mild and uplifting truffle taste. Their service staff helped to check whether we would like chilli or ketchup to go along with it

Would have been even more crispy if I didn’t live so far away. At first

bite I knew these are belly good fries~ the kind I like~~~

Please support this 100% plant based burger place. Current promo for 15% off till end May~ use code: withlove15

Has got to be one of the best potato fries I've had so far in

vegan joints. Super crispy on the outside, with the potato flesh still soft on the inside. And its sufficiently seasoned to eat by itself. Of course.. adding a good chili sauce always helps to seal the deal.

The only peeve I have is... serving in a disposable setting when I'm dining in. Why...

one thing you can 100% count on love handle for are their crispy golden fries

🍟 my fave fries ever!! just look at that portion for $6?!! they sure filled up the entire box (deeper than it looks) 🤭

Very well done fries. Unfortunately it was already soggy and soft as it was not

immediately eaten after bringing back from takeaway but it still tasted good!

Fries arrived hot, crunchy and totally delicious! Swipe to see my attempt at a cool

artsy food pic that ended up as a giant blurry fail 😂

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