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This sandwich consists of grilled tofu patty, shiitake mushrooms, housemade dressing, lettuce, tomato, sautéed carrots,

pea sprouts in between a ciabatta. Portion size is just right. Quite enjoyed this sandwich. The dressing was good. Would return to try the rest of the menu!

Price: $10.90

This is so good. Will order this next time again. Recommended! Savoury!

Sandwich layered with grilled tofu patties, sauteed shiitake mushrooms and shredded carrots, peasprouts, tomato slices,

lettuce, and housemade black bean dressing. Especially enjoyed the fragrant oatmeal ciabatta bread toasted in vegan butter - crisp on the onside and soft on the inside. Surprisingly quite filling! ($8.90)

Buttered bread, pea sprouts, tomato slices, air-fried firm tofu, lettuce & umami pre-marinated mushrooms with

savoury soy mince ($9.90) 🥪

Simple but delicious & nutritious!

A nicely grilled tofu embedded in a soft and lightly toasted ciabatta toast spread with

their special homemade dressing and topped with fresh veggies. This won my heart in terms of taste, presentation and nutrition. It tasted really healthy without compromising on taste. The tofu was really unique - it is really different from the commercial ones in supermarket. This seems to be higher in ratio of soyabeans to water content. Recommended to try

The bar was set very high by the perfectly toasted ciabatta buns I had the

first time here so it was disappointing that the buns were soft this time... My hubby found the mushrooms slightly salty.

Nicely grilled and seasoned! Just the right amount of veggies for a balance of flavours.

Will def be back to try their kimchi sandwich and taro tarts which weren’t available today

🥙 Been so long since I had ciabatta! Enjoy the chewy, almost hardy texture for

a good bite. The fillings are fresh, and I especially like the unassuming black bean dressing. I understand most things are organic, which explains the price point. Would be great if they could slice in half this when serving, so it's easier to hold on to 😆

The perfectly toasted oatmeal bun totally elebated the otherwise simple tofu ciabatta 😋 Exceeded my

expectations 💚💚 $7.90+service charge

Belated vegan meal for Earth day!! Kind of expensive but pretty delicious (could do with

more mushrooms though

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