Peanut Buttercup Ice Cream

by Kind Kones
3.85 (8)
  • Is Peanut Buttercup Ice Cream vegan? Yes! Peanut Buttercup Ice Cream is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I love the chunky of peanut butter and chocolate in this ice cream because they

provide an amazing texture! Overall the texture of the ice cream was smooth and the taste wasn’t icy so I loved it:)

Peanut butter lovers rejoice🥰 This is so addictive! It’s so creamy and has a strong

peanut butter taste with bits of chocolate :) Melts pretty fast tho.

they are quite generous with the homemade peanut buttercups! don"t think you can really go

wrong with the chocolate + pb combo. my only complaint is that the ice cream base was very coconut-y, i hoped it would have had a more pronounced peanut butter flavour.

had high hopes for this but it was pretty underwhelming 😟
the peanut butter cups were

yummy but there wasn't much of it. the ice-cream itself just had a very strong coconut taste and no PB flavour at all.

i read somewhere that the white coloured flavours are mainly just the same base with varied mix-ins, so pick the different coloured flavours for something more unique!

on the bright side, 50 cents off for BYO ✨

the peanut cups themselves were great but there werent many and the ice-cream itself was

the plain cashew and coconut milk base so the pb-lover in me felt there wasnt enough pb flavour :"( nonetheless still a good choice if you're going for that creamy base :)

Creamy and sweet. Yummy peanut chunks, and I liked the peanut butter-and-chocolate chunks. But they

seemed to have sank to the bottom as the bottom had a lot and the top, barely.

Overall it is yummy, but not one of my favourites in kind kones…

Creamy and delicious flavours. Gingerbread man flavour has a tinge of cinnamon flavour, some may

not like it in an ice cream.

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