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Dense and fudgy flourless sweet potato brownie Fserved with single scoop ice-cream. Ordered the bestselling

blue plant ice-cream consisting of butterfly pea flowers coconut cashew milk vanilla base and almond milk matcha cake. Also got two toppings of choice - mocha crunch with coffee grounds, chocolate chips, and toasted almonds, as well as quinoa crunch with puffed quinoa and pecans. So indulgent, love the unique ice-cream and topping options! ($12.50)

ordered the brownie sundae with one scoop of cookie dough ice cream topped with dark

chocolate balls and rainbow sprinkles 🍦🍦 the cookie dough ice cream was so good!! probably my new favourite flavour at kind kones!! the brownie tasted incredible- it was so rich and chocolatey and gooey 🤤🤤🍫🍫

A visit to the doctor has to be followed by ice cream no matter how

old you are! We went for the classic combination of a scoop of their premium vanilla with the sweet potato brownie topped with caramel and granola. Usually, there's always too much brownie and too little ice cream but here the proportion is just right. The brownie is soft, not too fudgy or sweet. Kind Kones is awesome!

sweet potato brownie with tiramisu ice-cream, topped with quinoa clusters and mocha almonds ✨ i

loved the cake chunks in the ice-cream! and the coffee taste was strong but not too overpowering.

the brownie itself was pretty good - very chocolatey & decadent but could be slightly fudgier. overall not something i'd crave but i may still order it again if i was there with a friend (if that makes sense) 😅

ULTIMATE COMFORT FOOD YALL. Their warm, soft and gooey brownie paired with rich chocolate fudge

sauce, almonds and cocoa nibs for some crunch, and my all-time favourite from kind kones: blue planet ice cream 🤤 what a way to beat em Monday blues!!!

A delicious decadent sweet potato brownie. Dense and moist. I had it with the Mocha

Almond ice cream and toasted almonds and chocolate fudge sauce. Yum!

who says vegans can’t eat ice cream? this ice cream brownie sundae from kind kones

was to die for. (figuratively, of course - all their ice creams are cruelty-free😉) they have a whole array of amazing flavours and i’d definitely recommend going to try them out:-)

Amazing texture from the brownie, it's heated up before serving it to you so there's

bits of chocolate oozing out 😍 The scoop was Mocha Almond and you can choose 2 toppings with it. I got Almond and Coconut (don't @ me)

Honestly I can’t tell the difference between the Kind Kones’ ice cream and normal non-vegan

ice cream. They taste the same, which I’m not sure if is a good or bad thing! The ice cream is a little on the sweet side, wish they were less sweet. The brownie was really good and if you get the set it comes with toppings of your choice. It’s quite pricey though — significantly more expensive than other options, so that’s a downside.

The pecan ice cream tastes sooo good, especially with the sweet potato brownie. The brownie

is good too, but on its own it gets a bit too dense, so definitely get it together with ice cream! They were so generous with the toppings too.

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