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23 August 2021
Half way through eating it I remembered to take a pic!

Great plant based option at ikea for $3.99. It says it comes with mashed potatoes which has diary so I asked for fries instead at no extra cost. Great portion size of each...

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2 March 2022
I love eating at IKEA, this dish was $3.98, so cheap for dinner in the

SF Bay Area. I like how packed full of veggies this was, I’ll be getting this again.


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17 August 2020
3.99 and amazing tasting.

Comes with rice and beans and a hefty serving of vegan veggie balls!

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27 December 2019

Veggie meatballs served with coconut curry. Came with a side of farro and green beans.

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11 April 2019
Cheap and delicious, can’t beat it!

Plus it’s just fun there :)

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6 September 2021
These were actually pretty good I was impressed for it being Ikea!

Not something I would ever eat outside of actually shopping at Ikea but it’s nice to have an option when going through the beast that Ikea is!!!

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8 August 2021
Quote disappointed of the veggie meatballs of Ikea.

They served them without any sauce (so they were pretty dry) and the mashed potatoes were not even dairy free. Wouldn’t buy again.

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18 April 2019
I got the vegetable balls and a side of fruit.

The vegetable balls were covered with a delicious salsa and were served with veggies and some kind of mixed grains. The meal was filling, flavorful, and also quite inexpensive. The veggie balls plate was only 3.99.

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24 January 2020
Amazing Swedish balls.

You can see actual chunks of veggies in them. They are not over seasoned. Great option for kids!

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14 January 2023
This is one of those vegan dishes that would probably turn a non-vegan off.

Apparently it's so bad mostly because it is gluten-free...I don't know.

The balls were extremely dry and I had to force myself to finish this meal.

Very very disappointing.

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