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so good! appreciate that this sandwich place has an extensive menu with a ton of

vegan options. meatless mike seems to be a really popular vegan choice & it def did not disappoint! 🥪👏

This sandwhich alone proves vegans don't miss out! So awesome to just go to a

local sandwhich shop and pick up a meatball sub. I love this place, they offer a huge variety of unique and tasty vegan subs. I used to live in Walnut Creek as a vegan and this place definitely saved me on a few occasions. Definitely worth checking out! Check out their website , they have many locations and different offerings at each ❤

Again, I am not into fake meats, but something about these “meatballs” in a sandwich

is too yummy! And the marinara sauce... how creative :) #davisveganguide

Epic vegan sandwich - saucy, cheesy, hearty and herby. Request for vegan cheese. I opted

for Dutch crunch bread and did not regret it

Vegan Meatballs and Marinara on Dutch Bread. I saved half of this to go

to give to my dad, a huge meat-lover. I didn't tell him it was vegan so he had no idea, and he loved it. My mom and I split a couple of other sandwiches (in another review). For each one, my parents saved some for the dogs (not a indicator that my parents didn't care for it. They love their dogs and always save a part of every meal for them). The dogs loved it too, even the picky one who normally only eats meat. I was pleased to find that this is a chain, not just in Fresno, where I visited. Looking forward to trying the one here in HI, some of their other creative vegan options.

Delicious sandwich! I haven’t had a meatball sub in AGES (even pre-vegan), and this was

so yummy. The vegan cheese was spot on and the sauce so good, meatless meatballs super yummy. Very nice people, they care about where their ingredients come from and even add a .75 cent charge to provide benefits to their employees (which they do let you know about and I think even allow you to decline it). About $10 for a nice big sandwich. Plenty more vegan options to try, so I’ll have to be back!

The meatless mike is a vegan meatball sub sandwich. It’s great on a sourdough roll

with lettuce and tomatoes. The cheese is nicely melted and the meatballs have great flavor.

Ike's love and sandwich is great. About half the menu is vegetarian and can easily

be made vegan. A rare find in such a widespread chain. They put vegan cheese on my meatless meatball sandwich.

Ike’s NEVER fails me. This is definitely one of my favorite sandwiches, it’s criminally good.

Do yourself a favor and get DUTCH CRUNCH bread!!

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