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First time I went for a non-standard bowl. Turns out, there are things available that

aren’t a part of any vegan set, but are still vegan, so highly recommend to try the beetroot miso 🤌🏻

Value for $ at Downtown. I had soba with scrambled tofu, tempeh and falafels! Packed

w protein!

ordered delivery from them because it was the last day of their $1 delivery fee

with salad stop, wooshi and smoosha! so I got the cauliflower and lentil rice, falafels, fried eggplant, roasted pumpkin, spiced black beans and spiced chickpeas with a pineapple tamarind sauce. the cauliflower rice was eh, a little tasteless tbh but I did enjoy the texture! the falafels were a little oily and too thin for my liking, it was very obviously deep fried (as most falafels are), but it just tasted too unhealthy honestly like eating fried chicken with salad which I didn’t enjoy HAHA the fried eggplant was okay! the spiced black beans and chickpeas were both soft and tender, but couldn’t really taste much of the spice they were talking about. loved the pumpkin the most, because it was just roasted fresh pumpkin:D I love the pineapple tamarind sauce, it kinda reminds me of pineapple tarts. like the pineapple was cooked down, so had a caramel taste with a tinge of sourness, then the tamarind kind of hits at the end. pretty good, but pricey! got this at like $12.90?? expensive #veganisnotscary

Positive of this place is the abundance of vegan toppings from beyond to impossible to

plant based patties and what I’ve ordered... FALAFEL :D

My bowl is made of quinoa, green chutney, red pepper dip, muruku, falafel, thai basil tofu, pumpkin and spiced chickpeas.

This was my first time having quinoa and honestly it ain’t bad but it’s rather bland. I think this dish in general while is good and delicious at moments, especially if you accidentally ate all the toppings the base becomes really bland.

Also the tofu is interesting as it reminds me of tofu but also of scrambled eggs. (It’s vegan though) and the muruku was my favorite part of this bowl. The pumpkin was really good too and gave a nice sweetness and the chutney really goes well. I also liked the dip but not love.

In conclusion, I do recommend this bowl for a healthier meal that’s actually not bad in tasting. Overall: 8.5/10 #abillionlove

P.S. please look at the menu before ordering and if you’re ordering from FoodPanda please look for it online. Not everything is vegan and things that seems vegan like some dips aren’t actually. I think they should update this and mention in the menu like below what is vegan and what isn’t.

The food was slightly bland. But loads of vegan options. Easily customizable. Good quantity for

$11. The quality of food was great too.
I wish it to be more flavorful!! #veganisnotscary #vegan

I love to build my own here although mone does end up costing a little

more cause I can’t resist getting the #beyondmeat stew which cost additional. I picked all my favs: tempeh eggplant and of course beyond! Love that there is so much variety and doesn’t hurt that it’s just round the corner from the office 😅

didn’t like this much because there’s very few fresh options and it’s very dry😶😶 fills

my stomach like a ballon🎈#veganin2020

Whenever I am back in CBD these days, I am sure to head to a

grain bowl / salad place for lunch. Rare to find one in my neighbourhood. Multi-grain (base), roasted broccoli, roasted brussels, charred carrots, falafel (protein), mixed seeds (topping), beetroot miso (sauce) and sweet potato tumeric (dip). Filling and yums! $10.90 - that's the downside of wfo

New salad place in CBD! Base (garden greens) + protein (falafels) + 3 sides (charred

broccoli, Thai basil tofu, grilled mushrooms) + garnish (seed mix) + dip (avocado edamame) + sauce (beetroot miso) for $10.90. Will try the impossible patties (+$3.50) next time!

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