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There are 5 types of burger at Green dot. All of them are vegan and

fries are included. This fresh mix mushroom burger is a good choice for those who prefer fresh ingredients without deep fried patty. The price of $9.90 including the chunky fries is quite reasonable. In addition, the fries are not greasy. #burger #veganburg #veganburger #veganburgers #mushroom #mushrooms

surprisingly spicy! not for those with low tolerance for spice but great for spice lovers

there's definitely a kick to this burger and the cucumbers provide a nice crunch. there are slices of tomato too. overall, the sauce is spicy and tangy (a bit sweet/sour?) but it kind of overwhelms the whole burger so the taste of the mushroom patty becomes quite muted. personally, I find that alright though because I ended the overall flavour but it might be disappointing to some who might prefer more balanced flavours which allow each ingredient to shine.
my only true gripe is that the bbq sauce is a bit too salty ><

Buns were okay. Don't think they heat up the buns. But the filling more important,

which was very tasty! Could have more mushrooms though. Overall yumz!!

#vegan #burger

This is my first time trying a burger at GreenDot. I was surprised it was

quite nice given they do more rice, noodle and soup based dishes. There's actually 2 patties, one portobello, the other... not too sure! But probably a soy and mushroom based patty. On a light savoury side, and the sesame leaves goes well to add some bitterness. The fries are good crispy on the outside and potato-ey on the inside.

First time I tried the burger at Greendot. This was absolutely fresh and rich! It

has a big Portobello Mushroom and soy patty, as well as fresh veggies and mustard sauce. I always love VeganBurg or Nomvnom for the burgers but this became my new favorite burger in Singapore:)

The burger is made up of Portobello Mushroom, Smoked Soy Patty, Arugula, Tomato slices and

Lettuce. Comes with fries. The portobello mushroom is tasty but I am not a big fan of soy patties in general. Overall is nice. This set costs $16.90.

I misread the ingredients and thought this is a burger with portobello mushrooms (and arugula

etc) only. They included a soy patty which I didn't really like. Too much dressing/sauce. After this meal, I felt really stuffed.

Tasted lovely. But a slightly messy eating experience.

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