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Hands down my favourite dish in Singapore 🇸🇬
I love this laksa! Especially when I

found out you can request to change the fish balls and shrimp to taupok 🤤 it just holds all the delicious laksa soup so well 😋
Bonus photo at the end of me sipping up all of the soup #NoFoodWaste #Veganuary #TopVeganDish

Iconic Greendot dish that even my non-veg friends know about! The laksa broth is stellar

- tasted exactly the same as the real deal (coming from a laksa lover) and less oily too. Filled with bai ling mushrooms (pretty premium!), fried beancurd skin, tau pok, beansprouts, broccoli, as well as #sglocal OKK konjac prawns and sotong balls. Served with a dollop of sambal chilli paste. (Allium-free, $8.50)

Went to dabao at Greendot today for lunch. Appreciate the fact that they seperated the

gravy and noodles so that it would not be soggy when i reach office to eat.
Considered mild spicy. However, if you can’t take spicy food then i would recommend you to get something else.
They are open from 8:30am to 8:30pm.
#abillionlove #veganism

Greendot’s laksa has become one of my comfort foods. Springy noodles, perfectly creamy and spiced

soup, generous with their mock seafood and tofu, what’s not to love? If it were up to me I’d like to have more veggies in it too, but this is a dish I keep coming back to


Might be the second best Laksa in Singapore (#1 has to be the one at

Mummy Yummy).

Laksa broth is tasty and not overly thick. Ordered with handmade noodles, it was a

good combination. Not much veg, only a few broccoli and some beansprouts. Had some beancurd skin, tau pok, two mock prawn balls and a few mock prawns. The chilli was not bad.

The coconut-based broth is the soul of this vegan laksa. It has the right amount

of richness and its spiciness is at a moderate level. The ingredients in this vegan laksa include thick rice noodles, konjac prawns, konjac balls, straw mushrooms, tofu puff, beansprouts and laksa leaves. It's a warm and comforting vegan dish. 🤗 #laksa #veganlaksa

One of the few Laksas I have eaten as a vegetarian and the only one

that's not got an obvious layer of oil floating on top, and doesn't smell a bit off like some I've had at hawker centres. I wish I could swap the mock meat/fish for some vegetables or dumplings. And a little more spice would be nice. But it is otherwise quite a soothing kind of base, creamy and mildly spiced.

#abillionwomen #laksa

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