Bahn Mi Bowl

  • Is Bahn Mi Bowl vegan? Yes! Bahn Mi Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Sweet and tangy flavour. The bbq meat was super good as a substitute to beef


Absolutely love this place, the vibe, decor and of course of food !! Totally 💯

recommend it. The dish is very flavourful with a Vietmin pack in your tastebuds!!

I missed this Vietnamese street food. I’m glad Green Common tried making this in vegan

version. They had all the condiments and as similar as possible. 👍🏻 #takeout #abillionturns3

Liked this deconstructed version of banh mi! Fresh, citrusy and crunchy - probably would have

preferred less rice in proportion to the toppings but next time I can maybe ask for that.

saved the best for last! Unlimeat served with rice, cucumber, carrot, tofu, mint leaves &

roasted peanuts. SO GOOD! the Unlimeat reminds me of Korean BBQ beef omg — nice char with a subtle smoky flavour. best part was the Nuoc Cham dressing. sweet, sour, salty, savoury & spicy all at once. it's traditionally made with fish sauce but they pulled the plant-based version off flawlessly. a must-order for sure! 🤤 ($14+ for full portion)

📷: Green Common media team

This was sooo disappointing.

The unli meat isn’t as flavourful as omnimeat or beyond meat

so it requires more seasoning but they failed to do so.

All I could taste was the sweet chili sauce they put over it :’(

The amount of carrot and cucumber was also quite sad... just a lot of rice.

Not gonna lie, the picture of the "beef" slices in the menu caught my eye.

Unfortunately, the "beef" was bland, it just provide texture to the dish. Without the sweet and spicy sauce that came it, it doesn't worth much.

I like the concept of the restaurant, but I find they heavily use meat-substitute products that makes the dishes in general rather pricey. Would love to see more dishes without meat-substitute.

the sweet tangy dressing is so good! love that it comes with tofu as well.

the Unlimeat was really tender and well seasoned. wish there was more of it especially considering the price point. there's 4 satay sticks there but actually only 2 portions of the "beef".

This was just okay, the unlimeat tasted like bahn mi because of the seasoning but

there was a weird taste that I couldn’t figure out. Maybe it was just how unlimeat tastes like? I think it will be nicer with baguette though, the dish feels quite dry with rice.

The flavors for this banh mi is amazing sweet sour just the right amount of

spicy but there were only 2 sticks of plant based beef but I would recommend u try this if u are going there 🤤🤤

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