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My iPhone died over the weekend so please excuse my potato quality photos on this

backup phone 😵‍💫 Shame too that my first review of this place is for a dish I did not enjoy! Just a heads up though that everything else I had here has been excellent & that's with me having tried 6/7 items off their menu already! 🙌 Ayam #paprik is the Malaysian interpretation of Thailand's #padprik, a usually sweet & #spicy dish 🌶️ Where this dish went wrong was that they completely missed out on the heat! It was more akin to a sweet & sour, especially given the thickness, just minus the sour! 🥱 You do taste elements of #lemongrass and the #kaffirlime leaves in it but given the sweet flavour of the gravy, not exactly the most pleasant flavour. My tongue may be doing me injustice but I think I taste bell peppers in it too..? Not bad perse, but seriously.. it didn't hit a single savoury taste bud. Also, I think the #fakemeat was a little overcooked today. Thanks, but #illpass ✌️

Soy 'chicken' chunks stir-fried in a sweet and spicy sauce with lemongrass. I've never eaten

the real deal, but found this pretty spicy and toothsome. You have to be fine with mock meats to like the dish, personally would prefer whole foods like monkeyhead mushrooms! I appreciate that we can enjoy some of the popular dishes at Gokul but with a healthier balance of vegetables - stir-fried cabbage and carrot, long beans, as well as chye sim. Choice of white rice or brown rice. Served with a bowl of clear soup. (Allium-free, $7.50) #sgvegan #socialenterprise #minorityowned

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