Pumpkin Teapot Soup

4.82 (22)
  • Is Pumpkin Teapot Soup vegan? Yes! Pumpkin Teapot Soup is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Thick Pumpkin Broth, Mushroom Dumpling, Crispy Spring Roll

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Most helpful reviews

Another of my fav dishes at this #veganheaven!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I’ve never drank soup from a

teapot before and it was so flavorful!!! Excellent presentation too with the crispy stick and Siew Mai. This meal at Empress was one of the best meals I ever had. Thanks @vikas for the treat! #bestpicks

This was such a creative dish that left a deep impression on me. First time

drinking soup from a tea pot and it felt a little weird haha😅 Anway every component was executed so well. The pumpkin soup was so light but still packed with flavour, the mushroom dumpling so moist and filled and the crispy spring roll went unexpectedly well with the soup when dipped into it LOL. Presentation was on point too. Well done Empress!👌🏻😍 #bestpicks

This is one of my favourites! The presentation is 100/100, the taste is light with

a tinge of pumpkin sweetness yet there is something else which gives it an umami taste which I enjoyed. The dumpling has an overall soft texture which I didn’t expect (I prefer crunchy and chewy ones), yet the sweetness and the flavour still very well-balanced

I love the idea of pouring the soup from the Teapot into the teacup and slowly savouring by cups. Even my bf (who prefers meat over vege food) kept sharing his soup with me so that he can get a share of mine xD

I wish I know how I can make the soup base!!

This was hands down my fav dish of the day! The presentation is really unique

and the pumpkin soup was super tasty and full of flavour 😍 and all of us who had it said it seemed to be never ending even though the teapot looked small 😂 the little dumpling that came with it was really good too. the fried spring roll stick thing was nice although i felt that it was not necessary and the dish would be just as good without it. Would definitely get it again on my next visit although i kind of want to try the sweet corn and spinach soup too!

I loved the exquisite experience of pouring the soup out of a tea pot and

slowly sipping it from a tiny teacup! Soup tasted rich and umami even though the pumpkin flavour was subtle. Enjoyed dipping the mini spring roll in it and the little dumpling was good too.

💣💣💣💣💣 Empress hands down has some of the most inventive vegan dishes in Singapore 🇸🇬

and this pumpkin soup served in a teapot is just one example. It’s rich and creamy but super light. Served with a fried spring roll stick and a dumpling 🥟 served in a little basket. Ask for an extra cup and share this!

Thick pumpkin soup in a teapot. Love how elegant the plating is. The spring roll

that seemed to have carrot in it? Mushroom dumpling has fillings reminding me of soon kueh.

Pumpkin soup to be sipped like Chinese tea with dippable spring roll and clean tasting

dim sum housed in a rattan basket. I had double helpings of this 😋

Went to EMPRESS for my birthday dinner and so happy that I finally got to

try this after reading all the reviews. Think it might be in my Top 3 fav dishes here.
Love the cute set up and the “tea”/soup was so rich and delicious! Don’t let the size put you off - it’s what’s inside that counts!

🍄 dumplings 🥟 , fried spring rolls and a little tea shot glass and pot

to drink some delicious pumpkin soup from. Amazing presentation and combination of textures. I’ve really wanted to go back just for this dish!

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