Omnipork Hay Chor

  • Is Omnipork Hay Chor vegan? Yes! Omnipork Hay Chor is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Really nice - tastes like the “real” Hay Chor. I brought it for a potluck

gathering and it was gone in no time! #crf

I was so impressed by this 😱 it tasted exactly like the original version I

felt like I was eating pork. The only major downside is that is super oily, so it makes you feel slightly gross after awhile. But if they can tackle that aspect, then this dish is 💯 loved the sweet chilli like sauce too!! Ft @paloma 's artsy chopsticks hehe

Quite a good facsimile of hei zhor (prawn roll). It’s deep fried, so you really

can’t go wrong here. #deepfried

I thought this was a ngoh hiang but just realised it’s a hay chor which

means prawn roll. Filled with omnimeat, taukee, veggies, a little mock prawn, and water chestnut which gave it a great texture! The plum sauce was super sweet, like jam! The pairing was a little weird to me

Star of the show! The crispy pork with the plum sauce is so tasty, you’ll

be fighting over who gets the last one for sure

This was sooo good. The first piece I picked up turned out to be just

batter on its own but no complains about that here! The plum sauce was a great compliment to the dish.

First time having hei zhor! The golden outer layer is so crispy, one bite and

you'll get the juicy filling of omnipork! Overall a good and satisfying experience.

This was a little disappointing, didn’t really have a very distinct taste that I thought

would come with omnipork. Nice plum sauce though a little sweet.

Definitely v original to think of using omnipork for hay chor but sadly I didn't

really think it tasted like hay chor 🙊 Perhaps I was overwhelmed by all the deep fried food on the table until they all started to taste the same to me...

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