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Elote Crepe

by Crepe and Spoon


4.87 (6)

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14 August 2020
I love this Elote crepe!

It comes with grilled corn, lime mayo, and Herbivorous Butcher cheese. It is savory but also light and fresh.

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2 May 2021
Great vegan crepe!

Tangy but creamy. The perfect combo!

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20 July 2019
This is different and most definitely delicious.

I really like the flavorful-ness of this one!

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24 August 2018
Yum yum.

You can't go wrong with this one. It's not always on the menu...it's a special. But if you're lucky, and it's offered, order...

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12 March 2023
I tried this as it was their offering for the 2022 Vegan Chef Challenge.

What a delicious crepe! It’s savory, with a light sweetness, and it just blew me away. It became a new favorite immediately.

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5 April 2021
Usual combination of grilled corn, lime mayo, and herbivores butcher cheese.

The cheese was the star! And any restaurant that serves vegan crapes, and vegan ice cream, and still uses tapes for music - is definitely worth visiting!

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17 January 2021
Delicious and unique flavor.

We keep coming back for!

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