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Radical Rueben

by Chicago Diner


4.95 (4)

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3 April 2023
It's probably a good thing that I don't live any closer than 2 hours

from The Chicago Diner. If I did, then I'd definitely lack the self control to restrain myself from subsisting on a diet consisting soley of vegan milkshakes and entrees from The Chicago Diner.

This Radical Reuben sandwich is...

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6 May 2020
An incredible sandwich!

I understand why it is Chicago Diner’s Flagship meal. 😋 #uplandspeak

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7 February 2020
This 100% plant based dish tastes so much like the real thing!

Served with kraut and fries; this meal gives me the best nostalgic feelings. SO GOOD.

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22 February 2023
the diner’s flagship sandwich!!

definitely a must-order if visiting. the seitan is delicious!

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13 March 2020
This is a phenom of a sandwich.

I love 💕 bringing veg-curious friends and family to Chicago Diner, as everyone leaves happy & full. Chicago Diner never disappoints. #mercyforanimals

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