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photo of OLIPOP Ginger Ale shared by @acastillon on  14 Feb 2024 - reviewphoto of OLIPOP Ginger Ale shared by @acastillon on  14 Feb 2024 - review


Delicious! I love a good ginger ale, so when I saw this at the local co-op grocery store I had to grab a can. Very good ginger flavor!

I am admittedly very uneducated on probiotics, and I haven't even heard of prebiotics! more

kyu This sounds delicious :-)1 likeReply
photo of The LaFayette Place Cinnamon Roll shared by @acastillon on  09 Feb 2024 - review

Yum! This cinnamon roll from The Layfayette Place was a delightful bookend to a lovely brunch there. The icing was sweet, and the roll had a great taste and texture. Always glad to support a local vegan restaurant, we are more

photo of Plantstrong Pancake and Waffle Mix - Gluten Free shared by @acastillon on  13 Jan 2024 - review


Because of restrictions on sodium intake, regular pancake mixes like the very delicious Birch Benders are out for me. So coming in at about 1/3 the sodium, this Plantstrong mix lets me enjoy a nice short stack on a weekend more

kyu Glad you’ve found a mix that works for you! Looks like a cozy treat :-) How many inches of snow is that? 1 likeReply
acastillon Hi @kyu ! Hope all is well with you. They said we got 12" - 14" . . . pretty to look at for sure! ❄️1 likeReply
kyu Amazing! Hope you’re keeping warm! Reply
photo of Paradigm Coffee and Music Betty Burrito shared by @acastillon on  31 Dec 2023 - reviewphoto of Paradigm Coffee and Music Betty Burrito shared by @acastillon on  31 Dec 2023 - review

Everytime I visit Sheboygan I am impressed with its character and amenities. Places like Paradigm Coffee and Music are such a cool asset to a community and seem to thrive in places like this city. Such a cool, inclusive more

photo of Open Water Sparkling Water shared by @acastillon on  31 Dec 2023 - review

Open Water

I forgot my water bottle on a recent day trip, so ended up getting this Open Water sparking water. The water was very good, and I like that it is packaged in a more recyclable aluminum bottle rather than plastic.

I also more

photo of Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce shared by @acastillon on  30 Dec 2023 - review

Huy Fong Foods

Its been a long 2023 with the Huy Fong sriracha in such short supply. I've been rationing this last bottle all year, but now after finally locating a fresh bottle I can finish this one off :)

Love this sauce on burritos more

kyu Yay! Great to hear that you were able to refresh your supply — some good news going into the new year :-) 1 likeReply
acastillon Thanks @kyu ! Was very grateful to find it, I gasped when I saw some there on the shelf finally :) Happy New Year!1 likeReply
slwasu57 Love sriracha! Do you have a Pita Jungle near you? They have 3 sriracha sauces that are all labeled vegan. I get the Ghost Pepper one and it is my favorite sriracha. Also, it is not too hot for my sister can eat it.1 likeReply
acastillon @slwasu57 whoa that place looks great! Sadly we don't have them here in Wisconsin that I can tell, but it looks like the have some in AZ and I hope to visit there this year. So hopefully I'll get to try some of those Sriracha sauces this year yet! If you have any recommendations of what to get there, I'm all ears! 😋Reply
photo of Chuck and Dave's Mexican Style Salsa shared by @acastillon on  30 Dec 2023 - review

Chuck and Dave's

Always a fan of a fresh salsa! Lots of nice, fresh ingredients in this Michigan-made salsa, great for dipping or putting on tacos. Not too much heat in this medium salsa, I believe they make a hot version as well. 🌮

photo of Simple Truth Cayenne Pepper shared by @acastillon on  30 Dec 2023 - review

Simple Truth

Love putting cayenne pepper in a bunch of recipes, and this pepper is pretty good! A nice spice, I put it in enchilada sauce and on my meatless chick'n patties. Good stuff and a nice value.

photo of cocojune Lemon Elderflower shared by @acastillon on  30 Dec 2023 - review


Loved this yogurt! I am not normally a Cocojune guy, as they are a bit expensive and I'm not big into yogurt. In fact, I bought this one for @rosieb33 but I packed the grocery bag poorly and accidentally smashed the container more

tamiapple At first glance I thought it was a vegan cheese wheel 😂2 likesReply
acastillon @tamiapple lol! I could totally see that haha. Hope you've been well and that your holidays have been good :) Happy New Year!Reply
tamiapple Thanks so much & ditto! Would be great to meet -up with you & @rosieb33 in 2024 - maybe in late spring or summer … Wisconsin or Chicago …. Lunch or brunch, etc., would be fab 😊 do you know Cedarburg? They have a great flea market a couple of times per year which I’m looking forward to going to in spring/summer/or fall 2024 😊👍1 likeReply
acastillon @tamiapple yes! Great idea! We'd totally be in to that. We are pretty close to Cedarburg, so we could likely plan to meet up with you when you're up here for that flea market. Looking forward to it already! 😀Reply
tamiapple Fabulous! 😊👍 Not sure about Cedarburg’s current vegan options (it’s been a minute since I’ve been), we can figure it out nearer the time. Yay! Looking forward! 1 likeReply
acastillon Very cool! We are excited as well @tamiapple :) I'll message you my info, since shamefully sometimes I go through a bit of an abillion drought and forget to check in on here. Take care!1 likeReply
tamiapple Thanks! Just responded & sigh …. Lately not many posts on my end either, tho lots of eats to share 😊👍1 likeReply
rosieb33 That would be wonderful! Looking forward to it. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! 🎉1 likeReply
tamiapple Great! & thanks - wishing you your best year ever! Cheers! 🍾Reply
photo of Moku Plant Based Jerky Sweet & Spicy shared by @acastillon on  02 Dec 2023 - review


I really liked this jerky! The texture was nice and soft / chewy. Great spices on this sweet and spicy blend. Hoping that I can find other flavors of this brand!

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