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Definitely a plate for sharing! The vegan egg was made with tofu and seems like

tapioca starch? There were mushrooms and seaweed fried together and tasted like an umami bomb!

Disclaimer, there are vegan option of oyster mushroom. Here in the photo it's with egg.

So for vegans, you can order the eggless option one. 🥰🥰🥰

#vegan orhluak! I used to a big fan of orh luak (oyster omelette) back in

the days, so was excited to see this on the menu! It was kinda okay but not fantastic and not quite the same as the original orhluak. There was more starch than I had anticipated, but the king oyster mushrooms were delicious 🙂 Went well with the chilli! 🔥🌶 Not sure if I’ll order again though.


Quite impressed with the egg part of this eggless oyster omelette. Texture was very good

:) But the oyster taste was lacking. Think would be nice if they add seaweeds or something (I know some place do that) for the oyster feels. #veganisnotscary

It used to taste better, but now it tastes bitterer? (I'm not completely sure, but

I think they used buckwheat flour?) Still overpriced though... #veganisnotscary

Legit orh luah. Higher ratio of flour batter would make it has an old school


'Orh luak' with tofu in place of eggs, as well as shredded seaweed and oyster

mushrooms in lieu of oysters. 🍳 Fried and indulgent yet not too greasy~ One of the better vegan oyster omelettes I've tried, and an ovo-vegetarian at the table enjoyed it too. I personally found it a tad too sweet (???) somehow, maybe because of the chilli sauce? 🤔 Be sure to order the vegan version, as they have another one in the menu with real egg! ⚠️ (Allium-free, $10.80) #sgvegan #chinesefood #alliumfree #womenowned

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