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Probably one of the most affordable, delicious & convenient location in

Singapore. Don't flame me ya! This is really good in my opinion in quality & pricing. Of course, each got their own strengths & weaknesses.
That's one will sure be delighted there @bodhideli
Here you see first 2 confirmed standard plus chop order one -
Then got order Kopi Teh lah, completes the whole eating experience. Haha! Be sure to mix your CHICKEN CUTLET NOODLES well but if you like me sometimes don't want mix leaving all the good stuff below gao gao to finish, it's okay!
Whichever it is, the good taste won't run away. See you around! 👍🏼😋👍🏼
p.s I can only choose Ban Mian but reviewed here is more than Ban Mian! Sorry!

This is a really late post, but this dish is honestly one of my top

few unexpected discoveries of 2022, and is pretty underrated even for #fortunecentre. I don't think this is a dish people typically go for at Bodhi Deli, but the dry version was honestly really good. For some reason, I thought it would be bland, but thankfully it was delicious. I loved the flavours of the noodles coated with sauce, and I really liked the spinach and mushrooms that came with the dish, although I suppose they are typical for any ban mian. I recently tried the soup version too, but I prefer the dry version for the flavour with the saucy noodles, although the soup version is good if you're looking for something light and healthy. I love good #vegan ban mian, and most vegetarian stalls have egg in their versions, so this option is great, especially since I don't like the non-veg version for the anchovies.

Tasty flat wheat noodles with blanched spinach, a tasty umami sauce base, fried mushrooms-based ‘ikan

bilis’, minced soy ‘pork’ & marinated shiitake slices. Love how flavourful this combination was! #noodles #veganisnotscary

Very enjoyable bowl of ban mian! I enjoy the various bits of mushroom and protein

alternatives surrounding the noodles. And the taste is just right.

Kudos to the soup full of veg as well. Watercress I think? The soup has a very wholesome flavour and I believe there's no ajinimoto and stuff. #veganin2020

Comforting bowl of chewy dry ban mian! Not the most strongly seasoned, as compared to

some others which have loads of black sauce, but it was still pretty flavourful so it really depends on your personal preference! Would recommend to ask for more chili if you like spicy food though because the spice was really mild even for the spicy option. It came with a bowl of spinach soup too for a healthy dose of greens #veganisnotscary

A big, hearty bowl of soup that is perfect for a rainy day.

I’ve been urged by my mom (whose also vegan) to try this place because of

how affordable and tasty their food is. The mock minced meat doesn’t taste like actual pork but it’s texture is spot-on. The mushrooms were well marinated and the mock anchovies added a nice crunch. I loved it cause the sauce wasn’t too heavy but light on the palate (tasted like some soy + tomato + veeeery slight spice). The portion was just right too, I could finish it without feeling too full. The best part tho imo, was the SOUP. It looks kinda bland but oh boy, it had a refreshing light sweetness to it!! The chinese spinach was well-cooked without being too soggy. Overall, cheap and delicious meal for broke students like me 😂😂

💸: $4

I loved it!!! Thought I’d be disappointed COs it looked like kway Teow but it

was te chewy kind yumz. Not a lot of Liao, but I liked the fake minced meat and anchovies. Rly liked te broth too, not too salty but Super flavourful and not too mushroomy. $4!

Super satisfying dish ($4) esp on a cold day! Noodles was well-cooked and al-dente. Soup

was thick, flavourful but on the sweet side. Impressed by their impeccable service as always👏

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