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Quinoa Falafel

by Artemis Grill


4.18 (13)

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27 November 2020
So amazing 🤩 I could eat this every day!

The falafel balls were made out of quinoa and served on a bed of hummus and topped with a cabbage slaw and pomegranates. The whole dish was floating on a bed of Za’atar which is basically a whole bunch of Lebanese 🇱🇧 spices that made this dish so delicious!


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7 July 2021
@artemis.sg situation thanks to @abillion giveaway!

Yay! 130sgd budget and we spent 118sgd over lunch where we ordered two drinks & shared foodie. Price of the dishes are quite reasonable for such pretty restaurant setting, ambience are good and staff are...

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28 November 2021
Falafel made of quinoa is rare, due to the cost of quinoa itself.

Served over a bed of hummus with pomegranate, coleslaw and Za’atar.

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18 December 2021
Huge pile of hummus, sauerkraut(?) and bright green quinoa!

Salty and herby and very filling 👌 👌

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17 November 2021
#VeganIsNotScary #313

#Veganeasychallenge #171121

This dish got Hummus, White Cabbage Slaw, Pomegranate, Za’atar! Not sure what was the 3 ball 😅 a bit too strong to me taste like beef which I don’t eat at all 😂 really ate in dark 🙄 after left 1, he realise that should have eat with the...

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23 September 2021
Falafels are good but nothing out of the ordinary.

Hummus too salty for my liking whilst the cabbage slaw didn't add much flavour to the dish. A little disappointed to say the least..

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22 December 2021
Really nice falafels, they were crispy outside soft inside and delicious hummus!

It is just a bit on the pricey side but I guess you pay for the view and ambience.

#veganisnotscary #falafel #singapore

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27 November 2019
Had the quinoa falafel as a main for my lunch.

Did not had high expectations at first as I am not really a big fan.. but this turns out to be much more AMAZING than I thought! The crispiness if the falafel complements the creaminess of the hummus, tanginess of the pomegranate and the crunchiness of the coleslaw. The Za’atar spice enhances the overall platelet in...

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3 July 2021
Nothing to shout about.

Ive had better falafels elsewhere. Only 4 falafels for the large portion. Not worth it

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