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The super friendly waitress was so nice to recommend what was

the famous dish 🥳
Thought I need to order and eat there then Tabao cos my good friends unable to come 🙄!

First time ate this!!! Crispy Fried Artichoke consists of Artemis Vegan Aioli, Lemon Zest and Dill.. Really love it!! I believe it will be even nicer if we ate it hot!
I definitely will be back to support again 👍🏻

The artichokes were crispy but took a little time to appreciate. I think a bit

more flavour to this would help. Something in the artichoke covering. These could definitely have been tastier. #abillionxkinder

Amazing! 😍😍😍 I don’t order deep fried things too often but I’m a sucker for

artichokes and so had to try. They were absolutely amazing and so plentiful! Perfectly crispy and tender on the inside and served with an amazing vegan aioli that was so good! Check out their vegan prix-fixe.

The food and the stunning views make this meal worth every penny 💪🏽


A nice mix of crunchy and soft, not greasy, delectable on its own as well

as with the sauce.

A MUST order! Crispy but not oily, tender served with lemon zest, dill, and a

glorious vegan aioli, great portions to share for two.

They were so kind as to bring a vegan sauce (garlic aioli) for me bc

I forgot to ask! My fam had the red one. It was pretty interesting, texture was like a cross between potato and bokchoy(??) my bro was a huge fan bur sis said no hahaha

Crisp, moist artichokes paired with creamy vegan mayo - cant get any better!! Ive never

tried fried artichokes this way before and I was not disappointed 🤤🤤 highly recommended! Probably my favourite main though its a side dish

Best dish of the night, i ordered 2 servings. Garlic aioli mayo was very well

done and the artichokes were crispy without being too oily

Real talk - this stuff was SO GOOD and unfortunately/fortunately they have this lovely dining

setting so it means the photo is a little dark. Even my non-vegan friend appreciated how good this was.

I would highly recommend this for sharing! We almost got a second plate 🤭

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