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14 May 2022
It’s been interesting trying the various vegan chicken nuggets popping up at restaurants in Singapore.

As someone that’s never had chicken before these nuggets are definitely the best tasting. They basically taste like breaded soy but have a smell that definitely makes me feel like I’m smelling something meaty and greasy. My wife says they taste a lot like the real thing and basically equates all vegan meats the same way, if they’re breaded and fried there’s very little to think about, “it all tastes the same”. Whenever she says that I think, wait why would people kill an animal for this?!

The nuggets at #analogue are served with a delicious peanut sauce that’s so good, makes ordering these worth...

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24 March 2022
I never thought I would order fried nuggets in a bar but here we are.

Other reviewers have mentioned the origin of these nuggets and when eaten with that curry sauce… tasted so much like the ones from Macdonalds. I appreciate that the bar has successfully reverse engineered the macdonalds curry sauce but I sorta wish they got a little more creative.

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2 April 2022
Best vegan nuggets I’ve had so far.

I feel they get the texture right and the sauce is spectacular! Rly reminds me of M*cDona*d’s nuggets but of course without the guilt. Yums!!

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5 December 2021
Mind blowing delicious bowl of goodness.

It tastes exactly like chicken mcnuggets sans the cruelty and with a little of extra cost 🙃 even so, would totally order again! This dish will definitely surprise the carnivores in your life! #veganisnotscary

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18 January 2022
These were the best plant-based chicken nuggets I’ve had — crispy on the outside

with realistic tasting soy-chunks on the inside. Eating nuggs at a nice restaurant feels a bit weird but until more fast food joints get with the program I guess this is what we’re doing 🤔

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29 September 2022
Tasted EXACTLY like McDonald's nuggets!!!

Even the curry sauce. Wow very impressed by this bowl of unassuming dish, and the fact is I don't really like fried food. Must order!!!

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19 February 2022
Not the most original - the nuggets were definitely just ALTN nuggets (which is no bad

thing because they are my favourite nuggets!). I didn’t love the curry crack sauce because I don’t love curry really, but my husband thought it was the amazing. Would definitely get these again also!

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26 October 2021
Altn nuggets done better than love handle.

Not a fan of the curry sauce

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1 April 2022
Amazing nuggetz.

We order two lots! The restaurant is pricey but well worth it as their dishes are so different & they offer great service too!

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15 February 2022
This was amazing.

My non vegan family was impressed. My only problem was the price, but I would get them again.

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