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  • Doenjang Truffle Risotto
  • Doenjang Truffle Risotto

Doenjang Truffle Risotto

by Am I Addicted - Pottery Studio & V Cafe


4.13 (6)

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29 August 2022
Very unique dish where they used barley as the risotto base, which gave it a

chewy texture. Deliciously balanced taste of truffle oil that wasn’t too overpowering.

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29 June 2022
the portion was prettyyy tiny so would recommend getting some sides with this!

was most excited to try this but thought it was quite meh. barley made this extra chewy and nutty which I enjoyed, and the mushroom flavour in this was very strong, very mushroomy and earthy. lots of different types of mushrooms were in...

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10 July 2022
The risotto was made with barley rice which I really liked.

However, a bit too much truffle oil was used for my taste, but overall not bad.

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28 June 2022
As part of a tasting, my friends and I tried Am I Addicted’s doenjang truffle

risotto ($25). It’s customisable, with the option to add a sous-vide egg for a vegetarian version, or remove garlic and onion. We had heard good things about it and had high expectations, but concluded that it was pretty...

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3 July 2022
Superb, our favourite dish of the lot we ordered.

Strong truffle taste and perfectly cooked risotto. Portion size may look small but you can’t eat too much of it this goodness without feeling jelat. Will definitely order this again.

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4 July 2022
if one is looking for rich cheesy taste, this will be it which is rare

for a vegan dish. A bit too milky to my liking but definitely will be loved by those whom miss baked rice.

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6 July 2022
Special order with special request to remove egg and alliums so they replaced with soy

sauce. Overall it’s a nice dish but maybe abit overpriced

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