Teriyaki 'Meat' Balls

  • Is Teriyaki 'Meat' Balls vegan? Yes! Teriyaki 'Meat' Balls is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

3 housemade mushroom ‘meat’balls (mushroom, rolled oats) with sakae teriyaki sauce, served atop salsa & romaine leaves

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Most helpful reviews

I can’t get enough of these OMG! My favourite mushroom balls ever! The best way

to eat it is by folding the lettuce over the ball and stuffing the whole thing in your mouth and discovering the flavours as they unravel! Yum yum! #gitnb

This is the da bomb dish. The staffs shared this with us this mushrooms is

soaked with teriyaki sauce for three days and then the Chef prepares this dish for customers. Its packed with flavours, such as sweet, unami and guess what it taste like meat but Vegan.

Probably the best dish they have in the restaurant!
I was thrown by how good these

were. Unfortunately I only had one since I was sharing it but oh boy could I have eaten 10 all on my own!
Didn’t feel meaty and the flavours were pretty full on - in the best way! A little crumbly but that was nothing bad. The lettuce added a nice touch, and made it feel quite fresh!


I devoured this and the only regret I had was that I devoured it rather

than appreciating it for every bite 😅 this is a great dish to introduce to health concerns people so they know vegan food can be healthy and it’s not all about unhealthy or processed foods (although I do tend to eat like that sometimes - okay maybe most of the times. Ooops) #sgtop50

This has to be my absolute favourite dish at Afterglow. Shared this with some friends

but honestly would have had no problem eating them all by myself 😋

Thanks for the suggestion Carmen!


These teriyaki mushroom meat ball wraps would make the perfect light meal! These mushroom balls

are tender and marinated in delicious teriyaki sauce, yums!!!

Fancy dish😁 Teriyaki sauce is nice and not too sweet, and goes well with the

rest of veggies and *meat" balls. Great for appetizers but still I think they can be more generous in terms of quantity (or price).

Dear Vegans & Supporters,
My favourite dish from afterglow maybe because I love anything with teriyaki!

The meat balls was 😍, melts in your mouth while the lettuce was really fresh & crunchy - blended so well together. Must try!


If the staff had not recommended this, I would have probably missed out on the

best sharing plate from Afterglow. It doesn’t look good from the picture but it is SUPER GOOD!!! The mushroom is sooo soft and so tasty. Couldn’t tell it’s mushroom (if u don’t like the strong mushroom-y taste).

The only downside is, this is expensive ($14 for 3) but definitely worth a try.

I’ve never ordered this dish because I never liked meat balls, and was expecting a

very dry texture. So when I saw it made it to Singapore’s top vegan dishes, I got over my judgement.

And damn why did I not try it sooner! The texture is soft and moist, plenty of flavor and I love eating in lettuce cups. Must order!

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