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  • 手工水饺干捞面 (Handmade Dumpling with Dry Ramen)
  • 手工水饺干捞面 (Handmade Dumpling with Dry Ramen)

手工水饺干捞面 (Handmade Dumpling with Dry Ramen)

by Vege Pot 素砂煲


3.80 (18)

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25 March 2021
Too long of a work day n too tired to think.

So i went for my comfort food here.

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18 July 2020
I've seen lots of reviews praising this dish, and I finally got to try

it! I was pleasantly surprised by the noodles and the sauce, and the soup was pleasant to drink. The dumplings were decent, though I wish there were more.

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1 March 2019
the dumplings were filled with veges and the noodles were chewy, loved the portion size

and the soup! ◡̈

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4 January 2021
The clear soup contained some vegetables, smooth tofu, and 3 dumplings.

The dumplings were underwhelming as the skin was thick while the filling was little, and the filling was rather bland with only chopped carrot and radish (mushrooms were found in 1 dumpling but not the other 2). The quality seemed rather inconsistent, as the dumplings I got were very different from what I had seen in reviews with generous fillings of assorted marinated vegetables. The noodles were dry and clumpy, and smelled and tasted strongly of...

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3 September 2019
My friends raved about this so i had to try it.

I found the sauce okay with not a strong taste but the dumpling were good. The soup tasted very refreshing and all ingredients were very fresh !! Also the owners were really nice and gave us free...

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5 February 2020
I'm a big fan of vege pot and tried this dish because it was

on the top 50 list by abv. I was a bit disappointed because of the high noodle to everything else ratio. The taste is nice and the dumplings are yummy (but a little empty - wish they had put more...

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17 December 2018
I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the dumplings...they were really lacking

in flavour. The noodles were good and I liked the brown sauce. The vegetable soup on the side was very nice...

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30 July 2018
The savoury sauce is really unique and umami :’) Dumplings are stuffed with assorted vegetables

that are good for you too!

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11 September 2020
Soup is clear and healthy, with some sweetness from the corn.

Would prefer to have some fillings on the noodles to add flavour though

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13 July 2020
The noodle is full of sauce complements the mild, fresh broth with dumplings filled with

more veggies.

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