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  • Duo Ravioli Platter

Duo Ravioli Platter

by Joie


4.11 (23)

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7 April 2022
Uniquely presented to us that’s somewhat mysterious.

There’s some bubbles on the ravioli that u don’t always see in a dish. Good combination of colors that is made with spinach & pumpkin.

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27 March 2021
I really enjoyed this dish and it had to different flavours as well.

Plus our waiter who served us this dish was hilarious. Was also glad I could cross this one off my list of #sgtop50 dishes to try from last year given that there’s a new list out this year 😂 also I really gotta coin a new word for late/slow + abillion, cause peeps, I took this photo in November and I’m just only getting round to post it 🙈

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14 December 2021
Hubster took me to this restaurant on our 5th anniversary.

Absolutely loved the entire experience, innovative and beautiful food. Really enjoyed the bubbles in this spinach and pumpkin ravioli. #veganisnotscary

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5 April 2020
Ame la presentación de estos Raviolis, estaban ricos pero preferí mil veces más la lasaña

que se pidió mi pololo. Sentí que le faltaba más sabor🙌

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4 November 2020
5s across the board.

If I could eat this every day I would 😍 the pumpkin was creamy and velvety and the spinach was a nice savoury contrast with creamed spinach inside. You need to order this

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8 October 2020
Tasted like mee hoon kueh... hahaha but very pleasing to the eyes

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12 September 2019
You can be assured that everything at Joie is amazing.

The most delightful thing about this one - was the savory, flavorful, hazelnut broth. Would come back 10/10 if my wallet allowed

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27 December 2020
Really liked the flavours of this dish, especially the sauce.

The raviolis are nice and thick, I’d definitely have this again.

Presentation was strange though, as the plate came with a glass bell which makes you believe some sort of smoke covers the dish. Nothing came out of it when the waiter took it off (he actually told me to film the uncovering), that was quite strange.

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18 February 2022
This was a main.

Four dumplings and some foam didn’t really cut it. The pumpkin ravioli tasted good. The spinach one was slightly underwhelming

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18 December 2019
Bubbles are definitely not your usual ingredient when eating ravioli - but was anything in this

usual? Pumpkin and mushroom I aid the vegetable flavoured ravioli with a vegetable bisque and fragrant bubbles.

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