Giant Sesame Ball

by 成都Chengdu
4.23 (13)
  • Is Giant Sesame Ball vegan? Yes! Giant Sesame Ball is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Always love dishes with an experience. The size of this alone adds an extra oompf

🔮Good ol' sesame ball made with glutinous rice flour and sesame seeds of course! They have other desserts too, definitely returning to try those out #allstar

😍😍😍😍😍 Holy smokes! This thing is massive!!!! And they only make a few of them

a day so be sure to go early if you want to get your hands on this massive fried ball of sweet crispy dough and sesame seeds. It’s absolutely amazing and so simple. It’s big enough to put over your head 🤣


Definitely 5/5 for originality as I've never seen anything like this before! If you're wondering

what's on the inside, check out the 2nd picture. Is hollow but the pieces are still pretty tasty and mochi-like. Plus points if there's like sesame or lotus paste on the inside for us to dip 💅

Giant sesame ball is amazeballs! Reminded me a little of crisp tissue prata, but slightly

sweeter and stickier in texture. Also loved the uncooked dough inside which was chewy like mochi.

This caused plenty of oohs and aahs when it arrived. Disappointingly, it didn’t pop into

a shower of sesame shards when poked, but it was still a ton of fun peeling it apart but by bit. It had a lovely chewy-crisp texture and was plenty for a large table.

Had to try it and was not disappointed at all. The two of us couldn't

manage to finish it, I think you need at least 4.
It's oily, it's fun to break apart and there's cooked dough at the bottom - like opening a 🎁. A+ for the experience!

Lo crean o no es un pan inflado, es como una masita crujiente con sésamo.

La verdad no me gustó tanto pero fue toda una experiencia comerlo 🤷

Enjoyed this (not so) little ‘Birthday Ball’. It was the perfect level of sweetness and

had a good combination of chewy with a bit of crunch.

Feat @goodvibesonly reacting to the size by trying to get his face to look like it

Very interesting, this was a very huge ball! Very oily, and sweet taste. At the

bottom of the ball there is some unfried dough. Yum!

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