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Meet the Adorable Residents of Our 12 New Partners!

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We're on a mission to build a social media company that stands for social impact. That's why we donate $1 every time you choose vegan and share that with the abillionveg community.

2019 was an amazing year of growth for our community with our membership expanding to 114 countries. Thanks to your reviews we donated nearly $100,000 to improve the lives of animals. Our donations have supported animal rescue and conservation programs, investigations and activism, and have helped raise awareness with millions of people around the world!

For 2020, we've set a goal of donating $1 million to our more than 40 amazing non-profit partners around the world.

Can we count on you to help build this community so we can push even further?

Scroll below to check out our 12 new partners!

North America

Little Buckets | Virginia, USA

cow Selfie-time with Blondie from Little Buckets

Aloha Animal Sanctuary | Hawaii, USA

Say hello to Fern the happy duck on Aloha Animal Sanctuary! Amongst our youngest partners, Alohas's sanctuary doors only opened in 2019. They work wholeheartedly to help people form personal connections with animals!

duck Walking Pretty in Aloha Animal Sanctuary

Vegan Outreach | USA & Mexico

Vegan Outreach started in California and has expanded to Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, and most recently Kenya! In 2019, they inspired 150,000 people to sign up for their guided 10-week vegan challenge!

Santuario Libres al Fin | Mexico

Little Leonardo here will grow up free to leap and play on Santuario Libres al Fin! Libres al Fin, which translates to "Free at last", strives to rescue exploited animals of the animal agriculture industry.

goat Little Leonardo frolicking around at Santuario Libres al Fin

Tierra De Animales | Mexico

pig Can you survive the cuteness overload of Avocado from Tierra De Animales?


South America

Animal Libre | Argentina


Santuario Gaia | Spain

A sanctuary surrounded by forests, rivers, and mountains, Santuario Gaia is a second chance for animals who are victims of the livestock industry. Meet Cristian who was found abandoned, sick and cold in the mountains by walkers. He has since recovered thanks to the love and care of the sanctuary!

Brown calf Ola from Cristian at Santuario Gaia!


Middle East

Freedom Farm | Israel

This is Omer the baby goat, prancing around with his friends in the first sanctuary ranch in Israel! Last year a program was initiated in collaboration with a hostel for youths with autism. The residents volunteer to care for the animals and learn to be independent and caring.

goat Omer prancing around his Turkey friends at Freedom Farm



Pigs 'n' Paws | South Africa

Say hello to muddy face Humphrey! Pigs 'n' Paws is an oasis where the rescued animals play and thrive in secured peace for the rest of their lives! Did you know that pigs are amongst the top five most intelligent animals?

Muddy face pig Humphrey living it up at Pigs 'n' Paws     


FIAPO | India

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has guarded and empowered other animal advocacy organizations since 2010. Through education, research, lobbying, mobilization, training, and direct action. For example, FIAPO stopped the establishment of India’s first mega-dairy farm that was proposed to set up with 40,000 cows.

Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) | Indonesia

Did you know Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world? We're delighted to welcome JAAN as our first partner in the land of tempeh!

Click photos of your vegan food and products, upload and review on abillionveg to help these amazing partners.

Mercy for Animals and abillionveg would like to share that the protection of life, big or small, is a practice of compassion that creates a feeling of love so beautiful– it has the power to heal yourself and others. 💚


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@vikas profile image
vikas3 YEARS AGO
Awesome! So excited to spread the love ❤️
@simhazel profile image
simhazel3 YEARS AGO
Omer's my favourite 😍
@kkit profile image
@simhazel mine too 😍 So cute!
@milavgan profile image
milavgan3 YEARS AGO
Love to see them free, like they ALL deserve to be!
@jashment profile image
jashment3 YEARS AGO
Blondie’s tongue out 😂 Love it!!
@unidad-animal profile image
unidad-animal3 YEARS AGO
@rebeljana profile image
rebeljana3 YEARS AGO
Keep it up guys 🙌
@rebeljana profile image
rebeljana3 YEARS AGO
I would love to see polish “Azyl dla świń Chrumkowo “ among your partners this year
@agreene428 profile image
agreene4283 YEARS AGO
This is great news! 💚
@apetit50 profile image
apetit503 YEARS AGO
Little Cristian... ❤️❤️ All my love!
@yogababe67 profile image
yogababe673 YEARS AGO
So much love and glad to see Little Buckets! I have been following them fo a while now! ❤️❤️
@rubyphu profile image
rubyphu3 YEARS AGO
So amazing! 😍✨
@vegananu profile image
vegananu3 YEARS AGO
This is great news!!
@maffy profile image
maffy3 YEARS AGO
Lovely 😍💕
@susyq profile image
susyq3 YEARS AGO
Little chiks always lovely and tender
@danielgl profile image
danielgl2 YEARS AGO
What an amazing way to make an impact all around the world!