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Today is your day.
You reviewed something vegan!
You’re off and away!

You have donations to make.
You have impact to bring.
You’re joining a tribe
that makes giving their thing.
You’re no longer alone. The abillion fam’s here.
And they’ll support your journey with love and great cheer.

We are super excited that you have joined the abillion community. Every single review matters. Every single review is important. Here’s why.

Our giving program is driven by your reviews.

For every review you create, we give you up to US $1 that you can donate to one of almost 60 impact partners that we support.

$1 credit

Because animal welfare goes hand in hand with choosing to be vegan, when you look at the list of selected partners, you will see that many are animal sanctuaries. We recognise that sustainability can mean many things to different people—including education, conservation, among other causes and issues—and we have actively been onboarding partners that effect change around the world. In addition to sanctuaries, we support groups that tackle literacy in developing countries; plant trees; fight hunger; and promote advocacy around conservation. We regularly audit the charities we work with and if you have a specific charity that you think we should support, we’re happy to hear from you. Just fill out this form to let us know.

For many of our impact partners, every single dollar counts. One dollar can keep a child in school for a day, feed another for a whole day, or cover the costs of planting a tree. If you want to know more about the charities we support, keep an eye out for special features like these: Aloha Animal Sanctuary; Rifugio Miletta.

Now that you have made your first review, you can now make your first donation. Simply open the abillion app and tap “Impact” on the bottom menu. On the impact page, you can see just how much money we have donated to date, all of it driven by members’ choices. Tap “pick a cause” and choose the impact partner to donate to. It’s that easy to make an impact.


Your opinion will be heard.

There are over 100,000 brands whose products or dishes are reviewed on our platform. We keep in touch with every single one of them and inform them whenever they are reviewed. So, your review is not disappearing into a sea of user-generated content. It is being highlighted and positioned back to the business you have reviewed as important, honest customer feedback.

The businesses are listening. An increasing number of businesses are claiming their corporate accounts on our platform. They recognise the power of our community and that nowhere else will they find as concentrated a group of people that care about social responsibility and impact, about what they put into and on their bodies, about how things are made, and about ensuring no harm is done to the earth and its inhabitants in the process.


You are guiding others just like you.

Your review matters. Whether you are helping someone find a great plant-based burger, an amazing vegan pastry, a cruelty-free shampoo, a cool vegan and all natural deodorant, or a new pair of vegan sneakers, you are contributing to helping other members live more sustainably and consciously. And for doing that, we think you’re pretty awesome.

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LIFESTYLEBe a Hero to These Animals!Our Animal advocacy partners are doing their best to ensure that all of their animals are well taken care of. You can help them by reviewing vegan food and products on abillionveg.
LIFESTYLEBe a Hero to These Animals!Our Animal advocacy partners are doing their best to ensure that all of their animals are well taken care of. You can help them by reviewing vegan food and products on abillionveg.
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@dprateek profile image
dprateek2 YEARS AGO
I would also recommend to include more orgs which are planting trees around the world
@marieyoga profile image
marieyoga1 YEAR AGO
I agree!
@kdejong profile image
kdejong8 MONTHS AGO
@vikas profile image
vikas2 YEARS AGO
Great job team! The community will appreciate this ❤️
@gabrielabrasil profile image
gabrielabrasil1 YEAR AGO
I am absolutly loving this App
@alminjo profile image
alminjo1 YEAR AGO
It would ve cool if we could pick other organisations (I for instance support one association that rescues animals in Slavonija, Croatia bcs they volunteer and do that all from donations. Also, I adopted my dog from them and they are crowded with sick animals that need vet and food). Thank you ❤️
@danga profile image
danga1 YEAR AGO
Udruga Pobjede or Farmica? :)
@marcosfeminella profile image
marcosfeminella1 YEAR AGO
Congrats for the great app! One observation: Maybe you can use another expression instead of 'animal welfare' - that's the term used in farms/companies to say that worry about the condition of their animals whilst still exploiting and killing them. Maybe 'animal rights' or something like that would be better.
@danga profile image
danga1 YEAR AGO
I agree, great point!
@danga profile image
danga1 YEAR AGO
This app already seems amazing, this community is AWESOME! Can't wait to build a sustainable world with all of you guys!
@oneatomicblonde profile image
oneatomicblonde1 YEAR AGO
Such a wonderful platform!
@raquelgut profile image
raquelgut1 YEAR AGO
Bou postar minha vida vegana sem mimimi!!!
@christianevfr profile image
christianevfr1 YEAR AGO
@mariseveg profile image
mariseveg1 YEAR AGO
Adorei esta linda e necessária iniciativa! Fui convidada por minha filha distarveg e estou muito feliz. Propósito maravilhoso! Muito Sucesso!!
@ophieelesse profile image
ophieelesse1 YEAR AGO
first baby steps on this platform. great. will ask friends to use it. let's DO sth. to help the good ones and fight the bad and ugly ones! ophie from germany 💜
@abarrow33 profile image
abarrow331 YEAR AGO
What some people interested in this is can you cash out. So in the future when putting donations into the stock can you cash out at some point?
@missykab profile image
missykab10 MONTHS AGO
I am not seeing $1 per review anymore. It also says when I leave a review $1.70 is raised I’m not seeing either of these amounts to donate to Hunt Saboteur Association Where are the $$ going that are mentioned but not earned?
@maui profile image
I asked them the same question. They replied that with the new donation program for each review they take 1$ to their equity and up to another 1$ (usually 0,60$) goes in your wallet to donate to the cause you choose. I don’t like this imposition at all, it should be my choice if buying or not their equity. I stopped reviewing. Hope many will do the same
@quackula profile image
quackula10 MONTHS AGO
If anyone visits Belgium too, there is a vegan animal sanctuary here called Forrest&Friends! I wish I could donate specifically with my reviews!
@yosimarfernandez profile image
yosimarfernandez9 MONTHS AGO
#Vegetarianoshoy excelente
@ali-ve-gan profile image
ali-ve-gan7 MONTHS AGO
Please can you include Sea Shepherd Origins, Sea Shepherd France and Sea Shepherd UK as beneficiaries for donations? Are you aware of the rift in Sea Shepherd? Thanks in advance
@anntribe profile image
anntribe4 MONTHS AGO
Amazing place for the community…it’s an all in one package for vegan❤️💫🙏
@noor444 profile image
noor4444 MONTHS AGO
I agree!
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