Detox Carrot & Almond Soup

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Detox Carrot and Almond Soup Photo: Chef Cynthia Louise

Detox Carrot and Almond Soup Recipe by Chef Cynthia Louise

This is an epic cold soup! Although the list of ingredients is very short it's actually packed with a flavor that is enhanced by the salt. It's great as it is or served with chopped carrots, avocado, or capsicum. Some of my friends have it when they follow a detox menu but I enjoy it regularly, and sometimes even as a snack before dinner.

The thing I really love about this type of simple dish is that it amazes me over and over again with the fusion of flavors and isms they can create. When you serve this vibrantly orange beauty, let positive thoughts flood you and then say to yourself: I love my life!

Makes: 650ml

Prep Time: 5-10 mins

Freezer-Friendly: Yes


300ml fresh carrot juice

1 shallot, roughly chopped

2 cups fresh almond milk

Salt and black pepper, to taste

1 tbsp of #TRUST


Add the ingredients to your Vitamix and blend for at least a minute.

Pour into a bowl and treat yourself!

Chef Cynthia Louise

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What is Trust?
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Good question! I was thinking the same thing 😀
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All of her recipes include and an inspiring hashtag i.e. a pinch of #forgiveness A dash of #joy
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Chef Cynthia believes that meals that you prepare are affected by your emotions. Hence, she reminds people via the ingredients to add #joy, #forgiveness etc... when cooking 🙂
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Wow . I loved the trust , love and dash of joy . 😍
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