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Vegan for the animals 🐷🐥🐄🦃🐟🐝 Based in Brooklyn, NY Into mindfulness and sustainable living 🌱 Follow me for occasional recipe inspiration 😉

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photo of Bar Mash Tofu Skewers shared by @ilovegoats on  13 Apr 2024 - review

So good! Crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. These were topped with crispy onions and a delicious peanut sauce. Great appetizer for sharing!

#tofu #veganskewers #peanut #veganthai #veganamsterdam #amsterdam

photo of Margo's Amsterdam Vegan Pain Au Chocolat shared by @ilovegoats on  12 Apr 2024 - review

The absolute best vegan croissant/pain au chocolate I’ve ever had and could possibly imagine. Sooo flaky, buttery, crispy — Margo’s has mastered vegan pastries. Simply in awe and didn’t know they could taste like this. If more

david- 100% agreed 2 likesReply
ilovegoats Curious what you think as someone who has tried a lot of vegan pastries… have you had anything better than Margo’s in all of your travels? I’ve been telling people I think I’ve found ‘the best vegan pastries in all of Europe’ but I don’t have much to compare them to! 😆 1 likeReply
david- Margo’s and Saint Jean are possibly the best I’ve had. Loaf in Utrecht makes great cruffins, on the level of Saint Jean, but the rest of their pastries don’t hold up. So I think you can confidently say that Margo’s is very high up in the pastry game! Bakkerij Funk in Antwerp is also very very good1 likeReply
ilovegoats 🙌🙌 thanks for the recs! Reply
photo of A.T.M. Vegan Deli N.Y.C. shared by @ilovegoats on  17 Dec 2023 - reviewphoto of A.T.M. Vegan Deli N.Y.C. shared by @ilovegoats on  17 Dec 2023 - review

I am so lucky to live by ATM!! Such a treat to be able to go to a fully vegan #deli and order these special sandwiches. The NYC is pastrami, slaw, and mustard on rye. I always order the bread toasted—much better that way. more

bklynsheep This looks great 👍🏻2 likesReply
photo of Clementine Bakery Berry Danish shared by @ilovegoats on  17 Dec 2023 - review

Wow!!! I have enjoyed every #Danish I’ve gotten from Clementine but this may have been my favorite. Their vegan custard is so scrumptious and rich, and the tart berries complemented it perfectly. Can’t get better than this. more

kyu Whoa!! This looks amazing! 1 likeReply
berryveganplanet Looks so good!! #berrylover 🙌🏼Reply
photo of Babybel Plant-Based Plant Based Original shared by @ilovegoats on  22 Sep 2023 - reviewphoto of Babybel Plant-Based Plant Based Original shared by @ilovegoats on  22 Sep 2023 - reviewphoto of Babybel Plant-Based Plant Based Original shared by @ilovegoats on  22 Sep 2023 - review

Babybel Plant-Based

Wow, I did not expect to ever eat Babybel #cheese again—haven’t had it in maybe 15 years! I was never a huge fan of their cheese before I went vegan, so I didn’t have high hopes for this. But I was really impressed by the more

tamiapple Your finished dish looks gorgeous! 😍1 likeReply
photo of Dreamery Chocolate Milkshake shared by @ilovegoats on  11 Sep 2023 - review

This might look like a vanilla milkshake but it’s a delicious vegan #chocolate #milkshake ! I like to bring my reusable steel cup and they happily fill that up instead of using plastic. The milkshake was made with oatmilk more

photo of Kitchen Mouse Huevos Rancheros shared by @ilovegoats on  05 Sep 2023 - review

If I lived by this place, I’d have a hard time not getting this dish multiple times a week! It was incredible. I got it with #justegg and they cooked it to perfection. Fluffy eggs over delicious black beans and tortillas, more

photo of Bar Verde Nachos shared by @ilovegoats on  01 Sep 2023 - review

Great nachos! These come with a butternut queso, vegan crema, guac, jalapeños, black beans, and some quinoa “chorizo”. They have a pretty unique flavor—the queso and crema are slightly tangy, with a lightly #fermented taste. more

helena12345 🤤Reply
photo of Dreamery Mint Gelato shared by @ilovegoats on  31 Aug 2023 - review

Yum!! This was great ice cream! The #mint flavor is super refreshing. Loved how creamy it was without being heavy or overly rich. There was no coconut taste, so the mint really shined ⭐️. Not sure what the base is made from more

kyu Ooh this looks spectacular!Reply
photo of Millie's Cafe Rosewater Matcha shared by @ilovegoats on  30 Jul 2023 - reviewphoto of Millie's Cafe Rosewater Matcha shared by @ilovegoats on  30 Jul 2023 - review

Look at these beautiful colors 🤩 It tasted as good as it looks! I got this with oatmilk. I loved that it wasn’t too sweet and that I could taste the #rose without it being overpowering. It had a nice delicate flavor that more

kyu Whoa! Stunner! 4 likesReply
bessiebean This is SO beautiful!5 likesReply
beckyyy This is so lovely 1 likeReply
berryveganplanet So pretty 🤩😋Reply
slovenianveganfinds Wow! 😍Reply
whatthefuck 😍😍😍😍Reply
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