Review of Marzipan - Ritter Sport by vanille

photo of Ritter Sport Marzipan shared by @vanille on  31 Dec 2022 - reviewphoto of Ritter Sport Marzipan shared by @vanille on  31 Dec 2022 - review

Ritter Sport


One of those well-known accidentally vegan treats🍫

Although I am not a part of #teamdarkchocolate I enjoy this a lot. The #chocolate is rich and smooth, and while I can taste a mild bitterness when I separate the chocolate from the marzipan, it is not very noticeable. It has a nice ‘snap’ to it, but melts quickly in your mouth

The bar has a generous amount of #marzipan filling that balances the #darkchocolate, it has a nice creamy texture. Pleasant nutty #almond flavour, it is sweet but not the sweetest marzipan I have tried. The consitency is a bit softer compared to some other marzipans, it is bit less dense.

I found it at Normal for 16 NOK, very good price! You can also find it at Meny as well as in some kiosks and gas stations, but it is going to be a lot more expensive.

I like their packaging, the simple squares and how each flavour has their own colour. It’s minimalistic in a nice way that is still easily recognized. Just wish more of their vegan chocolate bars were available here!

Perfect for #christmas, but it is luckily available all year☺️

#veganchocolate #chocoholic #sweettooth #chocolatelovers

beckyyy I loved these bars and haven’t had one in so long! Thanks for the reminder that these are vegan ♥️5 likesReply
vanille They are soo good! Go buy some, gotta start the new year the right way, with chocolate 😌6 likesReply
cinnamonbun I love these4 likesReply
vikas I had no idea these were vegan! Will go and find some!4 likesReply
ftc Just love these so much ❣️2 likesReply
vimauro I love marzipan 😋😋😋😋2 likesReply

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