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One of those well-known accidentally vegan treats🍫

Although I am not a part of #teamdarkchocolate I

enjoy this a lot. The #chocolate is rich and smooth, and while I can taste a mild bitterness when I separate the chocolate from the marzipan, it is not very noticeable. It has a nice ‘snap’ to it, but melts quickly in your mouth

The bar has a generous amount of #marzipan filling that balances the #darkchocolate, it has a nice creamy texture. Pleasant nutty #almond flavour, it is sweet but not the sweetest marzipan I have tried. The consitency is a bit softer compared to some other marzipans, it is bit less dense.

I found it at Normal for 16 NOK, very good price! You can also find it at Meny as well as in some kiosks and gas stations, but it is going to be a lot more expensive.

I like their packaging, the simple squares and how each flavour has their own colour. It’s minimalistic in a nice way that is still easily recognized. Just wish more of their vegan chocolate bars were available here!

Perfect for #christmas, but it is luckily available all year☺️

#veganchocolate #chocoholic #sweettooth #chocolatelovers

BIG thanks to @vanille for the reminder that these are vegan! I haven’t had

one of these bars in ages and it is just as delicious as I remembered.

The mix of dark chocolate with the sweet marzipan filling is magical! There’s also something and satisfying about breaking off a row of squares from a square shaped bar…but that would just be me and the nostalgia!

I was also surprised how accessible these bars are now. I remember getting them at World Market in my youth but they are now at Walmart and Target.


One of the best "mainstream" vegan chocolates - without a label. Fits all the time

and I can't stop eating until the package is empty 😳. I agree to another review of it: Don't buy it on a gas station - it's to expensive there. If it's as an offer, like this week in Germany 🇩🇪, it costs only 0,69 €.

Eine der besten veganen Schokoladen von einem "großen" Hersteller. Ohne Label, trotzdem vegan. Paßt eigentlich immer und wenn einmal angefangen höre ich erst auf, wenn die Packung leer ist 😐. Jemand Anderes hat es hier schon erwähnt: Nicht an der Tankstelle ⛽ kaufen - da ist es viel zu teuer. Im Moment gerade wieder bei vielen Märkten im Angebot, für 69 Cent, in 🇩🇪.

#chocolate #almond #marzipan #marzipanchocolate #marzipanschokolade #chocolateaddict

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