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Review of Smash or be Smashed Donut at Liberation Kitchen by yourfriendjen

photo of Liberation Kitchen Smash or be Smashed Donut shared by @yourfriendjen on  29 Nov 2022 - reviewphoto of Liberation Kitchen Smash or be Smashed Donut shared by @yourfriendjen on  29 Nov 2022 - review

Pumpkin donut with #pumpkinspice glaze and a little whip cream.
I normally don't get pumpkin spice food/drinks because the spice can be aggressive and there are so many others flavors I like more, but I can still appreciate that this was tasty! The flavor wasn't overwhelming, and it wasn't too sweet either. Some donuts at other places are way too sweet, but donuts from Liberation Kitchen are never that intense. I definitely appreciate the more subtle sweetness.
The consistency of the cake donut is great. This seasonal flavor is going away, but if you like #pumpkin spice, I'd recommend trying it when it's available.
$3.75 for a single donut is expensive in my opinion because they're so small. If I ever want donuts from here, I use the too good to go app because I get a great discount and I help the store reduce food waste. #toogoodtogo

beckyyy Oh my! This looks so good! 2 likesReply
tamiapple I just downloaded the #toogoodtogo app - thanks so much! 😊👍1 likeReply
yourfriendjen Awesome! You can filter by vegan bags in the app:)1 likeReply
tamiapple Will do! 👍Reply
acastillon Oooh I loved the old Upton's Breakroom, so your review makes me want to get over to Liberation Kitchen asap! 🍩1 likeReply